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Photograph, c1945 (Photographs, folder 52)

Ruth Agnes Trout graduated from Dickinson College with the class of 1936. In 1983, she and her sister, Helen Elizabeth Trout, established the Trout Gallery at the college in honor of their parents, Brook and Mary Agnes Cook Trout. This collection of papers documents Trout's relationship with the...

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Notebook, c.1895 (Box 1, folder 1)

Thomas W. Troxell (1874-1947) graduated from Dickinson College in 1898. He taught at schools in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia before finishing his career as principal at Gaithersburg High School in Maryland. This small collection contains materials related to Troxell’s...

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Journal, 1950 (Box 10, folder 5)

Paul Walker (1896-1985) was a 1921 graduate of Dickinson College and a longtime contributing editor and columnist with the Harrisburg Patriot-News; his column "Roundabout" appeared for over ten years. This collection is comprised of diaries, commonplace books, newspaper articles and...

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Biology notes, 1932 (Box 1, folder 2)

Eleanor T. Waugh Hanley (19??-1940) was the daughter of Karl Tinsley Waugh, who served as president of Dickinson College from 1932 to 1933. Hanley enrolled in the Dickinson class of 1935 and participated in numerous campus activities, although she did not graduate from Dickinson. Hanley died...

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Letters, 1928-1929 (Box 1, folder 5)

Emma Catherine Wentzel graduated from Dickinson College in 1934. This collection contains correspondence received during her high school and college years.

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Page from Barbara Stevens Wishmeyer scrapbook

Barbara Stevens Wishmeyer served as Dean of Women at Dickinson College from 1959-1967. She created this scrapbook that documents the lives of the first-year female students living in Metzger Hall during the 1962-1963 academic year.  That was the last year...

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Ephemera, 1901 (Box 1, folder 71)

This collection consists of nine scrapbooks relating to John Perry Wood (1879-1959), Dickinson College class of 1901 and Yale University School of Law class of 1902, and his family. Most of the scrapbooks deal with aspects of family life: correspondence between family members, and memorials to...

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Opening of the Women's Center - RG 9/8  4-2-1

These records document the activity and organization of the Zatae Longsdorff's Women's Center, a feminist organization at Dickinson that included student and faculty members. 

Collection Inventory: PDF icon RG 9/8 - Women's Center records

Speech, 1837 (Box 1, folder 12)

The collection includes correspondence, speeches, essays, notebooks, bills, printed materials, and notes on debates and other such topics as the Light Street Institute and the Washington Temperance Society. The collection spans three main time periods in Zug's life: his enrollment at Dickinson...

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Address after a Vacation by Charles Nisbet
May 13, 1787

President Charles Nisbet delivers this address to students after a "late recess & intermission" on May 13, 1787. John Young, a member of the Class of 1788, transcribed the address. Transcript included.

Valedictory Address from the First Commencement by Robert Duncan
September 26, 1787

Robert Duncan (Class of 1787) delivers this valedictory address at the first commencement of Dickinson College, which was held on September 26, 1787. John Young, a member of the Class of 1788, transcribed the address. Transcript included.

Address after a Vacation by Charles Nisbet
October 1787

President Charles Nisbet delivers this address to students in October after "a short interval of vacation." John Young, a member of the Class of 1788, transcribed the address. Transcript included.

Address after a Vacation by Charles Nisbet
June 19, 1788

President Charles Nisbet delivers this address to students after a vacation on June 19, 1788. John Young, a member of the Class of 1788, transcribed the address. Transcript included.

"Moral Philosophy - Of Economics," by Charles Nisbet

Volume 3 of an unpublished manuscript transcription of 200 lectures on moral philosophy delivered by President Charles Nisbet at Dickinson College Dec. 1, 1788 to May 13, 1789, transcribed by student Samuel S. Mahon, class of 1789. (v. 1. Moral philosophy -- v. 2. Of moral laws -- v. 3. Of...

Location: SC-Vault Nisbet 5, v.3

Subject: Dickinson College Student Life, Education, Literary Pursuits

Format: Notes and Notebooks

Time Period: 1780-1799

Address after a “Short Vacation” by Charles Nisbet
November 2, 1789

President Charles Nisbet delivers this address to students on May 13, 1787 after a "short vacation." John Young, a member of the Class of 1788, transcribed the address. Transcript included.

Letter from John Young to William Young
January 18, 1791

John Young writes William Young, a bookseller and printer in Philadelphia, to express his intentions to withdraw his subscription for The Universal Asylum, and Columbian Magazine. "As Doctor [Charles Nisbet's] Course of Lectures is to close in about ten days," John explains that he will...

Lectures on Languages Criticism by Charles Nisbet

James Martin, a college student during the fall of 1792, records verbatim a series of 65 lectures on literary criticism as delivered by Charles Nisbet, President of Dickinson College.

Manuscript of 25 lectures on languages (beginning Aug. 16, [1792?], p. 1-127) and 65 lectures on...

Location: SC-Vault Nisbet 18

Subject: Dickinson College Student Life, Education, Literary Pursuits

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letter from Charles Nisbet to Michael Taney
February 6, 1792

Dickinson College President Charles Nisbet writes to Michael Taney in which he discusses the importance of parental guidance in education and praises the conduct of his son, Roger Brooke Taney. Roger Taney is a member of the class of 1795. Transcript included.

Letter from Cyrus Trimble to John Trimble
August 27, 1817

Cyrus W. Trimble writes to his brother, John A. Trimble about his daily schedule at Dickinson and the two different literary societies at Dickinson, the Union Philosophical Society and the Belles Lettres Society. Cyrus, who is a member of UPS, explains that "you can’t conceive the emulation that...

Location: I-DavidsonR-1975-2

Subject: Carlisle and Cumberland County, Dickinson College Student Life, Education

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from Richard Crain to James Hamilton
September 2, 1822

Richard M. Crain writes James Hamilton Jr. to introduce Joseph Crain, a prospective student to Dickinson College. "If you can make it convenient to yourself," Crain asks Hamilton "to give him the necessary introduction to the Professors." Transcript included.

Report from John Durbin to John Rhoads
February 15, 1836

Dickinson College President John P. Durbin sends Rev. John Rhodes a report on the conduct of Joseph Clubine Rhodes (Class of 1838). The report lists the number of times that Joseph has been absent from his literary exercises, prayers, and public worship. Durbin also adds a note about a bill for...

The Statutes of Dickinson College, 1838
July 18, 1838

The Statutes of Dickinson College lists important information and guidelines regarding the administration of the college, faculty, stewards, admissions, instruction, student behavior, the academic calendar, commencement, religious duties, student bills, literary societies, and student...

Letter from John Quincy Adams to the Union Philosophical Society
November 25, 1839

Former President and Representative John Quincy Adams writes to members of a committee of Union Philosophical Society (UPS) members and declines an invitation to deliver an address before a joint meeting of the Belles Lettres and Union Philosophical Society at Dickinson College. The members of...

"Salutatory Oration: Extent of the Duty of Obedience," by George Coffey
July 9, 1840

George Alexander Coffey prepared this oration, entitled "Salutatory Oration: Extent of the Duty of Obedience," for the commencement ceremonies held July 9, 1840. Authoring an original speech was among the graduation requirements for Dickinson College seniors at that time. Transcript included....

Letter from Charles Stinson to His Father
September 15, 1841

Charles Stinson (Class of 1845) writes to his father about his trip to Carlisle and starting classes at Dickinson. After meeting with President John Durbin, Stinson notes that the "conclusion is... that I am wholly unprepared to enter" as a Sophomore. Stinson also describes some of the "strange...


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