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Thu., Sep. 29, 1960

Two Dickinson students, Esther Featherer (Class of 1961)  and June Holt, discussed their semester in Washington DC as part of the Chapel Program in Bolser Hall for other students who were interested in that program.

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Sun., Oct. 9, 1960

International students served dishes from their respective countries to Dickinson faculty and students. Some dishes served were "winter melon soup of oriental origin...fried pork with mixed vegetables, an Asiatic dish," and Hungarian desserts called "Dobostorta."

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Thu., Jan. 5, 1961

The Belle Lettres Society sponsored a screening of the French film called "Rififi" in Bosler Hall.

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Mon., Mar. 20, 1961

At a student senate meeting, Financial Vice President, Dr. George Shuman, presented his personal plans for expansion of the Dickinson campus by 1973.

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Mon., Apr. 10, 1961

Student Senate sponsored a World Clothing Week to collect clothing, shoes, and bedding as part of an effort to help children and adults in need throughout the United States and overseas. This collection drive, which ran from April 10 to May 6 at Dickinson, was part of a nationwide campaign...

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Sun., Dec. 12, 1962

One of the more destructive fires in Carlisle's history took place late in the evening on December 12, 1962. 200 firemen eventually responded to put out the blaze, which was three blocks from the Benjamin Rush Campus, and occurred on a night in which the temperature dropped to 15 degrees. Many...

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Fri., Apr. 5, 1968

Kappa Sigma fraternity was the scene of a bombing incident Friday morning, April 5, which damaged all three levels of the building, wrecking glass panels and rending apart the main door, causing an estimated $1500 damage. According to police investigation, the device which caused the explosion...

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Sun., Aug. 18, 1968

On Sunday August 18, 1968, Five Dickinsonians, alongside members of the Carlisle Barracks and Salvation Army, prepared food and lodging for forty hungry, weary travelers.

Scott Geare, a Junior Dickinsonian, "walked into the path of two weary men" who asked him the location of the nearest...

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Wed., Oct. 9, 1968

Hubert H. Humphrey III., the son of Vice President and Democratic Presidential candidate Hubert H. Humphrey Jr., visited campus at the invitation of The Young Democrats.

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Wed., Nov. 11, 1970

Friends of Mike Sutton, '74, organized a blood drive to help replenish blood stores after Sutton, a hemophiliac, required transfusions of 150 pints of blood over the course of a year.  The drive was held in a bloodmobile parked outside Morgan Hall, the dormitory of Sutton and the organizers. ...

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Wed., Feb. 3, 1971

President Howard Rubendall hosted the first of a series of luncheons with representatives of the Carlisle community in his house on February 3, 1971.  The luncheon series was designed to provide a forum for informal discussions between representatives of Carlisle and Dickinson College.

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Thu., Jun. 22, 1972

After extensive flooding in the Carlisle area caused many to become homeless, the College made the decision to offer lodging and food to those in need. Fifty-five students and former graduates worked tirelessly to register flood victims and offer information. Overall, 158 people were housed and...

Event Type: Buildings and Grounds, Community Events
Thu., Jul. 27, 1972

PEER, the Program for Enrichment, Education, and Recreation, brought the Olympics to Carlisle when they held a two-day version of their own Summer Olympic Games. The event emphasized the spirit of the summer program for local community children by helping them to better relate to their peers. ...

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Sun., Apr. 1, 1979

While classes were cancelled during the week of April 1st due to Three Mile Island nuclear accident, Dickinson College remained open.

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Wed., Sep. 26, 1979

Former President Gerald R. Ford spoke at the Army War College in Carlisle.  Ford discussed the United States' strengths in regards to economics and national security. In addition, Ford explained his negative opinion of President Jimmy Carter.

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Thu., Apr. 22, 1982

April 22, 1982, marked Dickinson's participation in Ground Zero Day, a nationwide event wherein 450 colleges and universities sponsored awareness of the potential threats and results of nuclear war. Ground Zero Week, which started Sunday, April 18th and led up to Ground Zero Day, was organized...

Event Type: Community Events, Lectures and Symposia
Thu., Sep. 9, 1982

Democratic candidate John Brojous and Republican candidate Monte Shomaker visited the Dickinson College campus to discuss their campaigns for the 199th district representative to the Pennsylvania State Legislature. This event, which was sponsored by political science Professor Bruce Andrews,...

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Thu., Nov. 3, 1983

BACCHUS (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) hosted an alcohol awareness week entitled "Truth About Spirits", in cooperation with Alcohol Education, starting Thursday, November 3rd, 1983. Although attendance was weak for several of the week's events, the...

Event Type: Community Events, Student Social Life
Thu., Nov. 19, 1987

Oxfam, an organization that promotes peace and the development of areas around the world, hosted their Fast for a World Harvest Day, where Dickinson students were asked to fast for the entire day of November 19th. Proceeds went to the Oxfam fund to help those in need of food and other resources...

Event Type: Community Events, Student Social Life
Wed., Mar. 9, 1988

An open forum, that discussed new alternatives for social activities on campus, was held on March 9th, 1988 at 7 p.m.  There were students from both Greek and non-Greek organizations present. Most of the debate centered around the dominance of Greek life in the Dickinson community. Some students...

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Sun., Apr. 10, 1988

On April 10th,  the Women's Center sponsored a "Take Back the Night" march for campus. Roughly 60 to 70 men and women attended the march. The purpose of the march was to raise awareness within the community about sexual violence and to educate students about the resources that were available....

Event Type: Community Events, Protest and Conflict
Sat., Apr. 23, 1988

Springfest was held on April 23rd out on Morgan Field. The event, which had a carnival theme to it, hosted many food vendors from the community and also had fun activities for students to participate in: Simon Says was played, BACCHUS hosted a "non-alcoholic" chug-off, and Circle K hosted their...

Event Type: Community Events
Tue., Oct. 18, 1988

The Carlisle Arts Festival was hosted on October 18th. Susan Cavenaugh, the coordinator of the Carlisle Economic Development Center, organized and ran the festival. There were more than 100 craft and food stalls. The event brought together the Dickinson community and the Carlisle community for a...

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Sat., Feb. 4, 1989

"Mardi Gras: A European Celebration" was held on February 4th starting at 9 p.m. The event was sponsored by the modern language clubs, the International Club, and the Multicultural House. The event was held in the Social Hall and offered food from different stations where students could learn...

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Wed., Mar. 1, 1989

A Multicultural and Black Arts Festival began on March 1st and was hosted by the Congress of Afro-American Students, the Korean Student Association, the East Asia Club, the Society of Hispanic Students, and CAB.  The festival ran for five days: it began with an East Asian dinner in the dining...

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