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Mon., Nov. 26, 1906

A banquet was held to commemorate the end of the football season for the students of Conway Hall, part of Dickinson College’s Preparatory School. Headmaster Hutchinson acted as toastmaster, and after toasts from him and the captains of the team, songs were sung in celebration of the team with...

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Wed., Oct. 24, 1906

Phi Kappa Psi hosted a dance in honor of George S. Barner, Law '06, and his marriage to Miss. Romaine Brenneman of Carlisle.

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Sat., Oct. 27, 1906

Women from the freshman class hosted a Halloween party at the home of Miss. Marjorie McIntire. Halloween themed games and snacks were served and the college and class songs were sung.

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Thu., Nov. 1, 1906

The Comus Club held a Halloween dance in the Carlisle Armory for the students of the college, as well as New York, Shippensburg, and Mechanicsburg students. It was festively decorated with candles, corn, and jack o’lanterns, while The Germania Orchestra played.

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Thu., Nov. 1, 1906

After a compelling argument in the Dickinsonian published on October 31, 1906, in favor of created a drama club on campus, a meeting was called for the next day. It was held by Mrs. Lucretia McAnney of the College Faculty and, because of the huge turnout, she was able to order the...

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Sat., Nov. 10, 1906

The annual Freshman versus Sophomore football game was hosted on Dickinson’s field. The sophomores won the game with a final score of 4-0.

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Thu., Dec. 6, 1906

The Kappa Sigma fraternity held a reception and banquet to honor Philip P. Campell, who lectured before the Teacher’s institute earlier that evening. Campell was a congressmen from Kansas and a brother of the fraternity.

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Wed., Dec. 12, 1906

The Comus Club held their second dance of the season in the Armory and was decorated with the emblems of the college’s fraternities.

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Fri., Jan. 25, 1907

The Comus Club held their Mid-Winter dance in the Carlisle Armory. The dance began at 9 o’clock and the program consisted of 20 dance numbers.

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Mon., Jan. 28, 1907

At 8 o’clock in the morning the Junior class took a sleigh ride starting at Lloyd Hall to Walnut Bottom Road. When they reached their destination, there was a party waiting with dinner and games. The class "voted the occasion one of the best in the history of the class."

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Thu., Jan. 31, 1907

Phi Delta Theta held a dance at the fraternity’s house on campus to honor Miss. Horn, a guest of Miss. Helen Stuart, from Wilson College. Miss Mary Parker accompanied the dance.

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Thu., Feb. 7, 1907

A banquet was held for the freshman class, class of 1910, in the New Wellington Hotel in Carlisle. The men arrived at five o’clock and the women followed at seven, the dinner was served for all at eight o’clock by the Proprietor Caley. The toast master was Henry G. Brenneman and following the...

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Fri., Feb. 8, 1907

Franklin and Marshall College’s combined musical clubs performed in Carlisle. As a number of the members belonged to Phi Kappa Psi, Dickinson’s chapter hosted a dance in their honor following the concert. Members of the fraternity and their guests occupied 56 seats at the concert. The party was...

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Wed., Feb. 13, 1907

Pi Beta Phi hosted a Valentine’s Day themed dance in Assembly Hall. The room was decorated to honor the college, the fraternity, and with hearts and evergreens to honor the holiday.

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Thu., Feb. 14, 1907

The Delta Chi chapter hosted a rollerskating party at Mt. Holly Park on St. Valentine's Day.  After the skating, those in attendance gathered in Boiling Springs for supper. 

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Fri., Mar. 8, 1907

The Pennsylvania Sigma Phi chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon gathered in the Assembly hall for their annual Founder's day dance and reception. Large letters, S.A.E, made of hemlock were on display in the hall as well as other decorations honoring the fraternity. The Germania Orchestra performed at...

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Fri., Mar. 15, 1907

The fraternity Phi Delta Theta celebrated their alumni on Alumni Day with a banquet in their chapter house. Many of the brothers and alumni of both the college and of other colleges were in attendance. 

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Mon., Apr. 8, 1907

An informal reception was held for the senior class at the President George Edward Reed's house. From eight p.m. to eleven p.m., the class enjoyed conversation, song, and dance with the president and his wife.  

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Wed., May 8, 1907

In the Carlisle Armory, the Comus Club hosted their Spring dance. The Germania Orchestra provided music for the thirty-five couples who attended. 

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Wed., Jan. 13, 1915

A student organization of Dickinsonians who call the Garden State home, formed on campus.

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Thu., Apr. 5, 1917

After a meeting, Dickinson students wrote and sent a petition to Washington D.C. that asked the US Army to send a drillmaster to Dickinson.

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Thu., Mar. 27, 1919

As punishment for breaking the Freshmen Rules, the Senate had freshmen offenders joust with scrambled eggs, to the entertainment of the entire campus. When that got old, the hazing committee decided that it needed target practice, using the freshmen as targets and eggs as ammunition.

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Fri., Jan. 16, 1920

The Campus Club is organized on this date. The purpose of the Campus Club is to foster a relationship between the town of Carlisle and the students of Dickinson and the Dickinson Law School.

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Wed., Nov. 17, 1920

The Mohler Scientific Club held its first meeting in the Mohler's recitation room, Dr. Ernest Albert Vuilleumier spoke on the "phenomena accompanying the electrical deposition of metals."

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Tue., Apr. 5, 1921

A smoker was held by the Press club in the Alpha Chi Rho house. In special attendance was Doctors Leon Cushing Prince and Wilbur Harrington Norcross, Doctor James Henry Morgan who gave fatherly advice, and Mr Dean Hoffman, editor of the Harissburg Patriot-News, who gave helpful criticism....

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