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Wed., Dec. 6, 1950

Two Dickinson students were chosen to represent Dickinson College as delegates at the Second West Point West Point Student Conference on Student Affairs to discuss The Far East Policy of the United States. Lawrence J. Lichtenstein and Moorad G. Mooradian were the students designated by Dr....

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Wed., Dec. 6, 1950

One of the student delegates that attended the conference, Moorad Mooradian, described the accomplishments of the Second West Point Conference on United States Affairs at the Military Academy. The conference was sponsored by the Academy at West Point and the Carnegie foundation. According to...

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Tue., Nov. 13, 1951

The Interfraternity Council wanted to become independent from Senate on the basis of wanting to create a new constitution and to strengthen their council. Dean of Men, Amos B. Horlacher, worked with and advised IFC to create a new constitution. IFC stated that independence from Senate would give...

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Early September, 1953

On the first Saturday night of "Rushing" in September 1953, Phi Delta Theta Pennsylvania Epsilon held their "Early Autumn Dance." The decorative theme was multicolored Fall leaves and trees, and even featured a waterfall in the living room with real running water. 

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Early November, 1953

The newly initiated members of Phi Delta Theta Pennsylvania Epsilon were introduced at their first formal in the Fall of 1953. For this occasion, Brother Frank Reichle and his social committee turned the house into a medieval castl, complete with suits of armor that stood guard around the dance...

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Thu., Nov. 13, 1958

The Student Senate Elections Committee used voting machines, which were on loan from the Borough of Carlisle, for the first time in the class elections held in South College on November 13. The Dickinsonian reported that Elections Committee chair Carolyn Gourley (Class of 1959)...

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Wed., Apr. 8, 1959

The Student Senate sponsored a "College Day" for Carlisle high school students. The purpose of "College Day" was to give these students an idea of what college life was like on a small campus. Five students from each of the nine high schools participated and were assigned a guide based on their...

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Sat., Sep. 26, 1959

The Interfraternity Council held the first social function of the 1959-1960 academic year, which consisted of a jazz concert as well as a dance.

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Sat., Oct. 10, 1959

The Beta Beta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha held their annual Founder's Day dinner at  a lodge at King's Gap. This dinner was organized by president Sally Siefert and the Zeta Tau Alpha alumnae group, while Ellie Smith (class of 1960), president of the Beta Beta chapter, arranged the chapter's...

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Tue., Nov. 15, 1960

During their meeting, the female student contingent of the Social Rules Evaluation Committee (SERC) discussed alcohol usage on campus. They agreed that alcohol consumption should only occur in fraternity houses and during their functions.  

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Sun., Mar. 5, 1961

The Beta Beta chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity introduced their 19 pledges at the college tea held in their honor at Drayer Hall. 

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Fri., Oct. 20, 1961

On Friday, October 20, 1961, the first all-college Military Ball of the school year was held with a Civil War theme. The festivities started at 9 PM and began with the introduction of senior officers and crowning of the "Little Colonel." Nominees for the "Little Colonel" included Barbara Duval (...

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Fri, Sep. 30, 1966

in 1966, the Ford Foundation awarded Dickinson College a $2,000,000 "challenge grant" to help the institution "reach new peaks of excellence."

The terms of the grant required that the College raise an additional six million from private sources within a three year period, ending June 30,...

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Fri., Feb. 24, 1967

An outbreak of viral respiratory infections sent a record of over 1,000 students to the Health Service since the end of Semester break at the beginning of February 1967.

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Sat., Feb. 25, 1967

Following "generally obnoxious drunken behavior" on Saturday March 24, 1967, College President Rubendall, and Deans Pease and James ruled that "due to the disturbance in the dining hall at dinner Saturday, all 10 fraternities were to be placed on social probation." In response, Student Senate...

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Sun., Nov. 1, 1970

Night Owl, a nighttime telephone service for members of the Dickinson community in need of a listening ear or advice, began running on November 1, 1970.  The college counselor, Dr. Howard Figler, trained the Dickinson students who answered the calls.

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Tue., Apr. 6, 1971

The seniors of the class of '71 opted at their meeting on April 6 to forgo the traditional Senior Dinner and to instead donate the dinner funds to a trust fund for the library for use in purchasing books.

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Fri., Oct. 15, 1971

This year's Homecoming program included a concert featuring the bands Seatrain and Grin, a Clambake and Chicken Barbeque, various lunches and dinners, the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, a football game against Franklin and Marshall, and the return of the Mermaid, which was kidnapped by a...

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Sat., Oct. 30, 1971

Fall Parents' Day activities included the Annual Parents' Convocation, a panel discussion, Buffet Luncheon, and football game against Georgetown. Entertainment provided by students included the final performance of the Mermaid Player's The Imaginary Invalid and the Annual Glee Club...

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Tue., Feb. 22, 1972

The Student Senate officially approved two new organizations at Dickinson. The first of these was a Rugby Football team which was scheduled to play no less than four games. The second was the Carlisle Consumer Protections...

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Fri., Mar. 3, 1972

This year, sixteen women entered Sigma Alpha Epsilon's year-old program for women social members. As social members, these women had access to the facilities of the SAE house and were invited to five informal gatherings. This event marks serious steps forward in the integration of the sexes in...

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Fri., Apr. 21, 1972

The spring semester's Parent's Weekend included scientific and sociological symposia, sports, and dramatic productions. The weekend started off with the Father's Golf Tournament at the Cumberland Golf Course. The Mermaid Players presented Rule a Wife and Have a Wife in Mathers Theatre...

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Fri., May 5, 1972

Two students at the College, Dave Martinin and Mike Morrison, bought the Cork and Kettle, a restaurant located on Pitt Street in Carlisle. They planned to make it a popular student hang out. 

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Fri., Apr. 9, 1976

The Congress of African Students presented a three day Black Arts Festival.  Events included a lecture on Ghana, a talent show, and a gospel choir.

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Thu., Feb, 1, 1979

Kappa Kappa Gamma joined Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Delta Epsilon, and Deltu Nu to become the fourth sorority at Dickinson.  It was a colony for a semester and became a full chapter on February 1, 1979.

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