Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, December 11, 1930

Plans for the 1932 edition of the Mircocosm include a Scottish motif, professional artwork and a section about intramural sports. The German Scholarship fund collected under the guidance of the German Department will be even larger this year so that the recipient will be able to travel to Germany on it. A new electric scoreboard will be purchased for the gymnasium by the Athletic Association. The death of Frank Mt. Pleasant, as reported on in the previous issue of the Dickinsonian, turns out to be untrue as the subject was found in New York a couple of days ago. Mt. Pleasant writes a letter to the Dickinsonian confirming that he is in fact alive. The Dickinsonian wins an award at the Intercollegiate Newspaper Association's convention for its newsy appearance, well-balanced make up, live heads and well-written stories. Coupon books are distributed to students for admittance into athletic events, which will replace student tickets. An inter-class archery tournament for women will be held. Volleyball and handball are to be added to the list of intramural sports offered by the college. Dickinson's intramural program is pulling ahead of those of other colleges.