Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, January 12, 1968

Dave Totaro assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief of the Dickinsonian. The Dana Foundation announced a $250,000 grant to Dickinson to support teaching. The Public Affairs Symposium explores the possibility of using television as a medium for their presentations. Two students were suspended from the school for the remainder of the semester. Al Juechter was voted the new President of the Interfraternity Council. Merle Allshouse is set to replace Richard Waner as Associate Dean of the College effective July 1. A Pan Hellenic discussion took place between four sororities in front of the freshman class of women earlier in the week. The Dickinsonian assumes a new leadership board. Theta Chi adopts an honor system. Professor Light and Dean Wanner consider the problems of the inflexibility of the Dickinson registration system. The recent publications of several Dickinson faculty members are reviewed. The Doebler family plans to travel throughout Europe. The Miss Harrisburg pageant is looking for entries from Dickinson students. At three other universities, one student lost his draft deferment for protesting the war and several students were caught with marijuana and LSD in drug raids. Glamour magazine's search for the best-dressed American college student goes through Dickinson. The faculty acted on the issue of sports excusals, stating that students must let their faculty know ahead of time with a note from the Athletic Director if they must skip class. The Women's Interdormitory Council has instituted 11:30 curfews during the week. Wrestling, swimming, and basketball are set to play over the next week.