Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 1, 1931

Senior Isabel Super dies of complications following appendicitis operation. Professional acts and favors to freshman are eliminated from rushing program. Microcosm awards contracts. Gerald Barnes becomes associate professor of sociology. Janet Sinclair becomes assistant librarian. List of freshman class members is notable for number of female students (permitted to make up 25% rather than 20% of class). Radio station adds voice transmission system and reaches Russia and England. Schedule for sorority rushing. YMCA and YWCA plan religious events. Garbage Scrap tradition (hazing) is ceased. Sarah Kate Ege, Metzger institute founder, dies. Overview of freshman week. Metzger Hall, Denny Hall, Conway, gymnasium, tennis courts and new philosophy building (old Phi Delta Theta building) are remodeled. Russell I Thompson is promoted to associate professor of education and psychology. C. R. Walther Thomas is promoted to associate professor of German language and literature. New courses are offered. Edward W. Biddle dies. Professor Gaylord H. Patterson takes leave of absence due to illness.