Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 4, 1967

Three separate incidents involving violence directed against Dickinson students and personnel by local Carlisle youths occurred over the past week, resulting in new security precautions taken by Dickinson campus police, including a second patrolman for the night guard and two way radios for communication with the Carlisle Borough police. The original mermaid from on top of Old West was returned after being taken to New York by a Dickinson dropout. Jewish High Holy Day services were to be held in Memorial Hall of Old West for the first time in the history of Dickinson College or the town of Carlisle. Twenty Dickinson juniors explore various European ports on their way to Dickinson's International Studies Program in Bologna, Italy. Doris Grumbauch wrote a biography of Mary McCarthy using her collection of stories "The Company She Kept" as a lens through which to view McCarthy's life. New Dean of Students Harold R. Gillespie emphasized stronger student-administration communication and a more active role taken by students to hold themselves responsible for their own actions and to recognize the world outside of Dickinson College as a few of his goals over the coming years. New houses on Louther Street converted into student housing lack many of the amenities that its residents are used to. A computer program was formulated by several Dickinson professors to match freshmen men and women for dates. Football loses to Swarthmore. Soccer loses to Susquehanna University. Track defeats Muhlenberg and Delaware Valley.