Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 1, 1976

Dr. John Harris, Jr. and Samuel Witwer, Jr. chosen as College Trustees. Prof. Marjorie Fitzpatrick helps obtain French-Canadian literature for Library. Prof. Eugene Rosi begins work for Office of Health, Education and Welfare in D.C. College installs PDP 1155 computer. Pres. Sam Banks participates in staged press conference for journalism class. John Johnston is named Assistant Football and Head Baseball Coach. Incoming freshman class to be third largest in College's history. Adams Basement Committee's project to create a social gathering place "in full swing." Prof. H. Wade Seaford analyzes Jimmy Carter's smile. Steve Parker '73 and his horseshoeing occupation are profiled. Veterinarian and Hempt Farms manager Nelson Wert is profiled. A Carlisle Bar Guide is provided. Bill Dodd '66, now Grounds Supervisor for College, is profiled.

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