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Five students smile, c.1996

A group of students smile.

Five students take a picture, c.1985

Five students take a picture together.

Five women in formal attire, c.1995

Five women in formal attire pose for a photograph. 

Flamenco style, 1988

Karen Coppinger and Betsy Buxton dress up during spring 1988 semester in Malaga, Spain.

Flappers, c.1992

Two students, dressed in 20's flapper style costumes, sit on a bed.

Flash photography, c.1992

A student makes a serious face as the camera's flash lights up.

Fontana di Nettuno, 1994

Students take a picture on the Fontana di Nettuno, the Fountain of Neptune, in Bologna in April 1994.

Football game, c.1993

Four friends from the Class of 1993 smile during a Dickinson football game at Biddle field.

Left to Right: Pamela Byron ; Katherine Volkmer ; Angela Arnold ; Liselotte Hommen

Football game, c.1993

Angela Arnold ('93) and Pamela Byron ('93) pose at Biddle field.

Football players after ECAC South Bowl win, 1988

Football players Bob Snarrs, Scott Schlett, Mike Birosak, Winfield Smathers, and Larry Barone (all members of the class of 1990) after defeating Fordham to win the ECAC South Bowl in 1988.

Football practice, 1958

The Dickinson football team practices in fall 1958.

Football practice scrimmage, 1958

The Dickinson football team football team during a scrimmage at a practice in fall 1958.

Football referees consulting, 1958

Referees determine the position of the football during a game at Ursinus College in fall 1958.

Football scrimmage, 1958

The Dickinson College football team during a scrimmage in fall 1958.

Football team gathers after a play, c.1990

The Dickinson football team gathers after a play on the field. One member bonds with a little kid dressed in the uniform and playing with the rest of the team.

Forest view, c.1993

A group of students spend time outdoors.

Formal, c.1989

Five girls in dresses before a formal event.

Formal attire, c.1989

Two students in formal attire in a dorm room.

Left to Right: Rob Walsh '89 ; Mark Buehlman '89

Formal attire, c.1992

Four well-dressed students smile for a photo.

Formal attire, c.1993

Two students smile, both sporting printed ties.

Formal couple, c.1988

Thomas Seydoux and his date pose for a photo around 1988.

Formal couple, c.1993

A well-dressed pair sit on a couch and smile.

Formal dress, c.1993

Jessica Piscitelli ('93) and Lisa Inzone ('93) smile for a photo.

Formal group, c.1992

Ten well-dressed students smile for a photo.

Formal party, c.1993

Three friends pose at a gathering.

Left to Right: Rachael Fagin ('93) ; Pamela Byron ('93) ; Katherine Volkmer ('93)


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