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Face of a jack-o-lantern, c.1990

A student copies the silly face of a jack-o-lantern. 

Face painting, c.1992

A student smiles as someone draws on his face.

Fancy dress, c.1982

A woman in a tux and top hat smiles while holding balloons.

Fancy dress, c.1992

Three students in nice outfits pose for the camera.

Fancy trio, c.1993

Three students in dresses embrace and smile.

Left: Cathy Oh ('93) ; Center: Wendy Sutton ('93)

Fast food, c.1989

Two students pose with Ronald McDonald hats.

Feeding the ducks, c.1994

A student feeds bread to ducks.

Festival in Bologna, 1996

A group of individuals, most likely Bologna residents, dress up to participate in a festival in 1996.

Festival in Bologna, 1996

A group of children carry flags as they participate in a festival in Bologna in 1996.

Field hockey player, c.1984

Winslow Bouscaren ('84) sits on the field and ices her shin. 

Five friends, c.1987

View of five friends in a dorm.

Five friends, c.1989

A group of five friends embrace for a photo.

Five friends, c.1990

A group of five friends stand together and pose for the camera.

Left to right: Jenni Holm ‘90 ; Rachel Weinryb '90 ; Danielle Brovero '90 ; Anne McNulty '90 ; Megan Bergonzi ‘90

Five friends, c.1992

Five friends smile for a photo in a dorm room.

Five friends at a social event, c.1995

A group of friends spend time together at a social event.

Five friends in a dorm, c.1992

Five friends sit on a bed and pose for the camera.

Five girls wear all white, c.1995

Five girls wear all white, perhaps for an event. 

Five guys pose for the camera, c.1990

Five male students sit together and take a picture.

Five guys smile, c.1995

Five guys stand together and smile.

Five students, c.1994

Five students take a picture together.

Five students, c.1996

Five students in dress shirts and ties at a Sigma Alpha Epsilon event.

Left to Right: John McCullough ; Dave Galgon ; Brian Lynch ; Jamie Larose ; Brian McMahon

Five students at a luau, c.1985

A group of boys dress up for a luau party. 

Five students outside, c.1996

Five students at an event on campus.

Five students pose, c.1983

Five students pose while wearing matching t-shirts and making a symbol with their hands. 

Bottom left to right: Cynthia Lefever ; Jan Kaufmann ('83) ; Dawn Potts

Five students show off matching t-shirts, c.1987

A group of students show off their matching Hard Rock Café t-shirts.


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