Broujos, Melanie "Mel"

Wheel & Chain Members, c.1983

A group of Wheel & Chain members, wearing their hats, stand together and take a candid picture. 

Left to Right: Cathy Phillips ; Linda Fisher ; Lauren Atwell ; Rose Belza (behind Lauren, obscured) ; Stephanie Kroger ; Mel Broujos ; Jacqueline Barna ; Sally Florentino

Women's Basketball Team, 1983

The 1983 women's basketball team, winners of the Eastern College Athletic Conference Championship, pose for a picture.

First row: Kristen Milroth, Pam Burnside, Nancy Wills, Lisa Shahein

Second row: Julianne Engblom, Lynn Kiesel, Helenanne Seaman, Gail Thomas,...

Women's Lacrosse Team, 1981

The Women's Lacrosse team in 1981.

First Row: Amy Blodgett, Mary Kay Sigda, Winslow Bonscaren, Carolyn Pleasants

Second Row: Vivian Puckett, Becky Rogers, Tami Fratis, Jeanne Cascoila, Sue Spiegel, Meg Hutchinson, Donna Bartenfielder

Third Row:...

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