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Delta Nu Sisters, c.1994

Seven DNu sisters pose together.

Denny Hall, c.1960

View of Denny Hall from the academic quad around 1960.

Denny Hall, c.1960

View of Denny Hall from the academic quad around 1960.

Dental hygiene, c.1993

Three students brush their teeth.

Left to Right: Polluanna Greathouse Coffy ;  Sherry Linger ; R. David Wechsler.

Dickinson colors, c.1989

A student wears Dickinson red and white.

Dickinson event, c.1988

Two students smile at an event.

Dickinson students on study abroad program, c.1991

A large group of Dickinson students during a study abroad program.

Dickinson swimmers, c.1992

Two swimmers pose with a poster dedicated to the Dickinson Swim team.

Dining hall, c.1992

View as a group of students eat in the dining hall.

Dinner date, c.1989

Patrick Kane (class of 1988) and Amelia (Amy) Murillo share a meal in the basement of Drayer Hall.

Domes and Towers of Bologna, 1996

View of several towers and domes in Bologna.

Domino's delivery guy, c.1991

Michael Dneaster ('91), in a Domino's Pizza delivery costume, stands in the doorway of a dorm room.

Dorm room, c.1984

Four female students smile for a photo in a residence hall. 

Dorm room, c.1989

Erika DeCree (class of 1989) smiles in her dorm room.

Dorm room, c.1992

View of a student in a dorm room.

Dorm room, c.1993

Three students in a dorm room.

Left to Right: Bram Ziegler ; Nancy Richardson ; Kelly Kirtland

Dorm room at University of East Anglia, 1995

A student sits in a dorm room at the University of East Anglia in October 1995. 

Drayer Hall, 1959

View of Drayer Hall and Morgan Field in March 1959.

Drayer Hall, c.1960

View of Drayer Hall from Morgan field around 1960.

Drayer Hall, 1989

View of Drayer Hall from Morgan field after a snowstorm in March 1989.

Drayer Hall porch, c.1960

View of the Drayer Hall porch from Morgan field around 1960.

Dress up, c.1989

Victoria (Tori) Larson sports a Russian, fur hat, in front of a United Kingdom flag.

Dressed up, c.1993

Two women in dresses smile at a social event.

Left to Right: Laura Aromaki ; Lindsay Burn

East College, 1964

View of East College in 1964.

East College, 1971

View of East College after the reconstruction project on November 3, 1971.


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