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Boys dressed as women, c.1995

Two boys pose while dressed as women. 

Boys play pool, c.1994

Four boys take a break from playing pool and pose for a picture with cues.

Boys smile at a bar, c.1994

Four boys pose for a picture while sharing a drink

Boys take a picture, c.1995

A group of boys stand together to take a picture. In the front row, most smile while those in back-row laugh as two of them kiss. 

Boys take a silly picture, c.1995

A group of boys take a silly picture with their shirts off.

Boys wear face-paint, c.1991

A group of students dress as "Baseball Furies" from the movie The Warriors for Halloween during their senior year.

Four Phi Delta Theta brothers in front: Steve Kirikian ; Gordon Crouch ; Eric Langlan ;Tom Romita

Boys wear ski goggles, c.1995

Five boys wake up after having a sleep-over and take a goofy picture with their ski goggles on. 

Broadway night, c.1989

A member of Kappa Alpha Theta poses during a Broadway night event.

Building in Bologna, 1996

View of a building in Bologna in 1996.

Bunny Costume, c.1994

A student poses with his friend in a bunny costume.

Bunny ears, c.1993

Tim Ferguson and Gus Engle, wearing Beta Theta Pi letters, pose outside at night with golf clubs.

Marion Byers, 1959

Marion Byers, cook at the Beta Theta Pi house, poses for a photo with a girl named Tammy in March 1959.

Camera Flash, c.1989

Amy Brounley ('89) is lit up by the camera flash.

Campus gathering on Morgan field, c.1984

Students sit on Morgan field for an event.

Candid, c.1982

A students reclines in his seat as his friends drink.

Candid, c.1982

Two students stand outside on campus, one wearing a paisley shirt.

Candid, c.1988

A student laughs while smoking.

Candid, c.1989

A couple smiles.

Candid laugh, c.1982

A student holds his pizza as he laughs.

Car covered in snow, c.1983

A car parked on Mooreland Avenue outside of Malcolm Hall is covered in snow around 1980. "Do Not Disturb" has been written in the snow.

Car covered in snow, 1993

A group of students help dig out a car covered in snow on West High Street in fall 1993. The Weiss Center is visible in the background.

Car ride, c.1989

Three friends smile during a car ride.

Left to Right: Laura Dubois ; Annette [Ackley?] ; [Carolyn? last name unknown] 

Card game, c.1993

Two students have fun playing cards.

Carrying a TV, 1995

View as a student carries a TV on move-in day in August 1995.

Casual party, c.1984

Four friends smile at a party.


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