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Big hug, c.1989

Two students embrace.

Big hugs, c.1989

A group of girls embrace and smile.

Left to Right: Karen Peterson ; Randi Silverberg ; Serina Pak ; Donna Jacobi ; Karen Wisser

Big smile, c.1982

Katherine Killeen ('82) smiles with a Red Devils sign in the background.

Big smile, c.1982

A student with curly hair smiles.

Big smile, c.1992

Pete Atsaves (‘92) smiles at the camera.

Big smiles, c.1989

Two friends smile for the camera.

Big smiles, c.1992

Two girls embrace and smile.

Big smiles, c.1993

Two students smile brightly and hug.

Left to Right: Karen McNutt ; Emily Williams

Big wink, c.1989

Four students walk through Dickinson's campus. The Kline Center is in the background. 

Left to Right: Bill Hoffman ; Dave Updike ; Bryan Price ; Dan Anderson

Birthday, c.1989

View as a student blows out his candles.

Birthday cake, c.1996

A student laughs as she prepares to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

William Black plays the flugelhorn, c.1983

William Black '83 plays the flugelhorn at an event.

Blue eyes, c.1989

A couple at a social event smiles .

Blue Hats smile, c.1994

Two students in the Wheel and Chain Society smile with a friend.

Center: Becca Raley

Blue Hats tap new members, 1989

The newest members of Wheel & Chain, also known as the Blue Hats, are tapped in a ceremony on the steps of Old West on April 6, 1989.

Row One (L to R): Wheel and Chain Class of 1990 - 1) Alexandra R. (Alex) Don Konics, 2) Angela (Angie) Fernandez, 3) Sarah Hardon, 4) Virginia...

Blue Hats tapping ceremony, c.1995

Members of Wheel & Chain, also known as the Blue Hats, prepare to tap new members in a ceremony on the steps of Old West.

Blue sky, c.1989

A group of students pose for a photo.

Blue sky, c.1993

Three boys smile on a clear day.

Blue window shutters in Bologna, 1996

View of colorful window shutters and a balcony in Bologna in 1996.

Blues Brothers, c.1984

Two male students dress up as the Blues Brothers and pose.

Boat ride, c.1993

Two friends sit on the deck of a boat.

Left to Right: Tara Sapre (’93) ; Tara Hunt Melvin (’93)

Bosler Hall, 1959

View of Bosler Hall and the John Dickinson campus in spring 1959.

Bosler Hall, c.1960

View of Bosler Hall around 1960.

Boy smiles, c.1982

A student sits with his schoolwork outside the Spahr Library and smiles.

Boys at a formal, c.1994

Three boys dressed in formal attire pose for the camera.


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