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Cavemen costumes, c.1989

Mimi Azoubel (class of 1989) stands with another student in cavemen costumes for Halloween.

Cavemen costumes, c.1989

Three students in cavemen costumes pose for a photo.

Cavemen pose for photo, c.1986

Six male students pose dressed as cavemen.

Ceremony on steps of Old West, c.1983

An honors ceremony takes place on the front steps of Old West. A member of Wheel and Chain is speaking at the podium.

Roseann Belza Cooper ('83) is in the grey suit on the steps.

Charlie's Angels, c.1989

Tori Larson, Betsy Buxton and Karen Coppinger pose as Charlie's Angels.

Charlie's Angels, c.1992

Three women, dressed as Charlie's Angels, pose for a photo.

Check In at Davidson Hall, 1995

View as residential life student workers help with check in during move-in day in August 1995.

Checking In, 1995

View as a student checks in with residential life staff at a registration table during move-in day in August 1995. One of the students at the table is a member of Wheel and Chain (Blue Hats).

Cheerful friends, c.1993

Two students smile for a photo.

Left to Right: Sean Hanna ; Wayne Bovier

Cheerleaders chatting at a game, 1958

Cheerleaders mill around with the Red Devil mascot at a football game in fall 1958.

Chefs, c.1989

Two students pose in a kitchen.

Stephanie Cherry, 1995

Stephanie Cherry (Class of 1996) wears a "Residential Life Staff" shirt as she helps during Orientation in August 1995.

Christmas, c.1992

A student smiles and holds a Kermit The Frog doll. Both have Santa hats.

Christmas, c.1993

Three friends, one with a Sigma Alpha Epsilon hat, pose under a decorated Christmas tree.

Left to Right: Chris VanVleck ('93) ; Howard Moorin ('93) ; Ian Horowitz ('93)

Christmas gift, c.1992

A students smiles as he sits inside a box made to look like a Christmas gift.

Christmas tree decorating, c.1994

Three friends decorate a Christmas tree in the snow in front of Old West.

Christmastime, c.1993

Two students bring a Christmas tree up a set of stairs. 

Left to Right: Amy Dinkins ; Amanda Hills

Church of St. Peter Mancroft, 1995

View of Church of St. Peter Mancroft in Norwich in October 1995.

Circle of friends, c.1984

A group of nine students smile.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

A professor teaches a small class at the Dickinson Center in Bologna.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

Students sit and take notes while attending a class in the Dickinson Center in Bologna in April 1994.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

A class in the main classroom at the Dickinson Center in Bologna.

Class of 1902 Gateway, 1992

View of the Class of 1902 Gateway and Old West after a winter storm in January 1992.

Climbing in a dorm, c.1989

A student smiles as he hangs from the bunk bed.

Close up, c.1982

A girl sports a smile for the camera.


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