Schwab, Cathy

Chamber Choir, 1978

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1977-1978 academic year. 

Front Row: Karen Tubyfill, Debbie Cieslik, Joan Ragno, Professor Truman Bullard (Director), Cindy Marione, Mary Lin, Catherine Merlo

Second Row: David Riland, James Bobb, Leslie Brecknell,...

Chamber Choir, 1979

View of the Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1978-1979 academic year. 

Standing L-R: Gregory Weaver, James Bobb, Susan McElfish, Joanne Fritz, John Petrie, Lisa Pawelski, Jonathan Simmons, Cathy Schwab, Roberta Bailey, Jeffrey Kimmel, Stuart Dodd, Peggy Dozois, Nicholas...

Chamber Choir, 1979

The Dickinson Chamber Choir in fall 1979.

Front Row, L to R: Kevin Johnson, Barbara Dobbs, [first name unknown] Johnston, Meg Lippy, Professor Glen Gould, Mark Ward, [unknown].

Mid Row: Roberta Bailey, Leslie Brecknell, Mary Lin, Tammy Nestuk, David Alterman,...

Chamber Choir, 1980

The 1980-1981 Chamber Choir in 1980.

Back Row: Joan Ragno, Peggy Dozois, David Alterman, William Fisher.

Mid Cluster: Gregory Weaver, Beth Stoll, Linda Akers, [Mindy Braden?], Beth Stoll, Sue Polley.

Long Row: Professor Truman Bullard, Jonathan...

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