Johnson, Kevin

Beta Theta Pi, c.1980

Beta Theta Phi brothers take a group picture around 1980.

Joe Custer, Stan Petrachuck, Joe Pownell, Dave Kimmelbatt, Mike Carpenter, Bob Lasher, Chuck Williams, Kevin Johnson, Brian Wilson, Hal Hitch, Pete Duffy, Shelby Getz, Brian Yost, Brian Sand, Tony Wolkoski, Rob Visser, Nat Ice, Bob...

Chamber Choir, 1979

The Dickinson Chamber Choir in fall 1979.

Front Row, L to R: Kevin Johnson, Barbara Dobbs, [first name unknown] Johnston, Meg Lippy, Professor Glen Gould, Mark Ward, [unknown].

Mid Row: Roberta Bailey, Leslie Brecknell, Mary Lin, Tammy Nestuk, David Alterman,...

Chamber Choir, 1980

The 1980-1981 Chamber Choir in 1980.

Back Row: Joan Ragno, Peggy Dozois, David Alterman, William Fisher.

Mid Cluster: Gregory Weaver, Beth Stoll, Linda Akers, [Mindy Braden?], Beth Stoll, Sue Polley.

Long Row: Professor Truman Bullard, Jonathan...

Chamber Choir, 1982

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir outside the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium during the 1981-1982 academic year.

Left to Right: Suzanne Polley, Victoria Young, Katherine Egan, Rennie de Peneloza, Roger Swartzwelder, Barbara Dobbs, David Alterman, Gregory Weaver, Mark...

Chamber Choir, 1983

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir in Rubendall Recital Hall during the 1982-1983 academic year.

Back Row, Left to Right: Brook Garrett, Michael Mansuy, Ralph Giordano, John McClarty, C. David Meister, Charles Beckley

Third Row: Gregory Weaver, Mary Beth Stoll,...

Mermaid Players, "The Gondoliers," 1983

Several actors perform in the Mermaid Players' production of The Gondoliers in April 1983.

Top row, left to right: Christopher Russell, Kevin Johnson, Rose Malague, John McLarty, Steve Carignan, Sandra Steiner

Bottom row, left to right: Pamela Waters ; [...

Mermaid Players, "The Gondoliers," 1983

Three actors perform in the Mermaid Players' production of The Gondoliers in April 1983.

Left to Right: Christopher Russell ('83) ; Kevin Johnson ('83) ; Steve Carignan ('85)

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