Science Labs

Physics lab, c.1950

Students participate in a physics lab session in Tome around 1950.

Physics lab

Howard C. Long, Jr., '71, (left) and another student participate in a physics laboratory exercise circa 1970.

Physics lab, 1992

Professor Hans Pfister and students work on a robot intended to control an instrument inside a plasma chamber on July 22, 1992.

Left to right: Grant Braught ('90), Hans Pfister, Jeremy Wachtel, Olga Philipova

Physics Lab in Tome, c.1945

View of a Physics Lab inside the Tome Scientific Building around 1945.

Physics laboratory equipment, c.1970

Donald M. Thomas, '70, (turning knobs) and Howard C. Long, Jr., '71, use specialized equipment during a physics lab session.

Physics professors and student with science equipment, 1979

Professor John Luetzelschwab, Professor Priscilla Laws, and an unidentified student work with scientific equipment on April 3, 1979.

Rat dissection

Students use a syringe during a rat dissection for a biology lab in fall 1984.

Science class, c.1890

A science class meets in the Tome Scientific Building around 1890.

Spectrophotometry, 1999

Students in a chemistry lab session perform spectrophotometry on a sample on February 5, 1999.

Tome Scientific Building classroom, c.1945

View of a classroom in the Tome Scientific Building around 1945.


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