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Chemistry research project, 1960

Chemistry Professor M. Benton Naff supervises Fred Richardson ('61) and Bill Weigle ('62) as they work on a research project.

A contributor explains that this "photo was taken in the summer of 1960, when both Fred and Bill were working on a research project directed by Professor Naff and...

Chemistry student

A student pours a reagent into a beaker in a chemistry lab exercise around 1955.

Class in Baird Biology Building, c.1950

Students during a class in Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Dana Hall synthesis laboratory, c.1980

View of the advanced synthesis laboratory in Dana Hall around 1980.

Denny Hall Biology classroom, c.1920

The Biology classroom in the basement of Denny Hall around 1920.

Dissection, c.1895

Several Biology students perform dissections around 1895.

Dissection, c.1895

Biology students perform dissections while smoking pipes around 1895.

Experimental analysis, 1987

A chemistry professor and his students analyze the results of an experiment using a computer on February 4, 1987.

Experimental results, 1994

Professor Mike Roberts and two students examine experimental results on a gel in 1994.

Female students performing science experiment, 1889

Four female students perform a science experiment in Tome in 1889.  The woman second from the left is Mary Himes ('89).

Forensics lab, 1996

Students in a science lab investigate a constructed murder scene in March 1996.

Geology Lab, c.1975

Students in Professor William Vernon's mineralogy class observe different types of minerals using microscopes.

Geology lab, 1991

Professor Marcus Key examines a rock specimen with students during a geology lab on November 5, 1991.

Henry L. Yeagley, 1963

Professor Henry L. Yeagley and a student use a constellation model in 1963.

Henry L. Yeagley in the Bonisteel Planetarium, 1963

Professor Henry L. Yeagley with a class in the Bonisteel Planetarium in 1963. The planetarium was in the Tome Scientific Building.

Lab in Tome Scientific Building, c.1895

View of a janitor inside a lab in the Tome Scientific Building around 1895.

Lab in Tome Scientific Building, c.1900

View of a lab inside the Tome Scientific Building around 1900.

Lab partners, c.1950

Anne Hollister, '54, and Andrew C. Lynch, Jr., '54, work together in a chemistry lab.

Male students in Tome lab, c.1890

Two male students in a lab in Tome Scientific Building around 1890.


Professor John Henson supervises two students performing microscopy work around 1990.

Microscopy lab, 1985

A professor stands next to several students who are using microscopes during a biology lab in 1985.

Monitoring water quality, 1994

Students in the Analysis and Management of the Aquatic Environment class analyze water samples for contaminants on November 30, 1994.

Observing an experiment, 1985

A student and her chemistry professor observe the color of her reaction in a lab exercise in September 1985.

pH laboratory exercise, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers (second from right) helps a student use a machine in a chemistry lab for determining pH around 1950.  Rogers is a member of the Class of 1924.

Far left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr.  (Class of 1956)

Second from left: Barbara S. Allen (Class of 1956...

Physics apparatus, c.1950

Two Dickinsonians tinker with a machine used in physics experiments around 1950.


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