Howard L. Rubendall, c.1975

View of President Howard L. Rubendall around 1975.

President Howard L. Rubendall, c.1975

View of President Rubendall around 1975.

President Rubendall Testimonial, c.1975

President Rubendall is laughing with his wife, Carolyn, during a "Testimonial to Dr. Howard L. Rubendall" event.

President  Rubendall, c.1975

President Howard L. Rubendall talks to several media outlets in Memorial Hall around 1975.

Howard Lane Rubendall, c.1965

President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) stands in front of Old West around 1965.

Eero Saarinen with Present Edel, Arts Award, 1959

Eero Saarinen, holding his 1959 Arts Award in Architecture, poses with his wife and Dickinson College President William Edel.

Piper at Convocation, 1996

Mark A. Scheneman plays the bagpipes as he leads the faculty procession at Convocation on August 26, 1996. President Fritschler is walking behind Scheneman.

Charles Sellers at Commencement, 1979

Charles Coleman Sellers (center) receives a honorary degree from President Samuel A. Banks as Dean George Allan looks on. Sitting behind President Banks is George F. Kennan.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon with President Banks, 1984

Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon with President Samuel Banks and Music Professor Truman Bullard in 1984.

Spahr Library Groundbreaking Ceremony, 1966

President Howard Rubendall (far left) and two other men participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for the Boyd Lee Spahr Library in May 1966.

The entrance to Conway Hall is in the background.

Blake Lee Spahr, 2000

Blake Lee Spahr (Class of 1947) receives an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at Commencement on May 14, 2000.

President Durden is standing behind the podium on the right. 

Boyd Lee Spahr, c.1960

Trustee Boyd Lee Spahr (class of 1900) at an event with his wife, Katharine Spahr, and President Gilbert Malcolm (class of 1915).

Left to Right: Boyd Lee Spahr ; Mrs. Spahr ; President Malcolm ; [unknown]

Adlai Stevenson III at Commencement, 1976

United States Senator Adlai Stevenson III (center) receives an honorary Doctor of Laws from President Banks while trustee Samuel Witwer ('30) looks on at Commencement on May 16, 1976.

William Stringfellow receives Honorary Degree, 1970

President Howard Rubendall ('31) presents William Stringfellow with an honorary degree at Commencement on May 24, 1970. Professor William Dornemann is standing behind Stringfellow.

Sue Studnicki at Commencement, 1988

Sue Studnicki ('88) shakes President Fritschler hand at Commencement on May 18, 1988.

Hugh Stott Taylor, Priestley Award, 1952

President William Wilcox Edel stands next to Sir Hugh Stott Taylor (left) as he receives the first ever Joseph Priestley Award on March 20, 1952 for his research and teaching in chemistry.

Edward Teller, Priestley Award, 1957

Dr. Edward Teller (second from left) receives the Priestley Award from President Edel (far left) on March 28, 1957 for his work in thermonuclear energy. 

Second from right: National Cylinder Gas Company Vice President W. Roberts Wood, presenting cash grant. 

Far right...

Twyla Tharp, Arts Award, 1996

World-renown choreographer Twyla Tharp accepts the Arts Award from President Fritschler on April 21, 1996.

Craig Ringwalt Thompson, 1966

Dr. Craig R. Thompson receives an Honorary Doctor of Letters at the 193rd Commencement on June 5, 1966.

Left to Right: President Howard Rubendall, Dr. Thompson, and Prof. Charles Sellers

Jurgen Timm receives honorary degree, 1987

Jurgen Timm, rector of Bremen University, receives an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Acting President George Allan at a Mid-Year Convocation on January 20, 1987.

Desmond Tutu receives Honorary Degree, 1984

Bishop Desmond Tutu receives an honorary degree from President Banks at Commencement on May 20, 1984.

Two international students, c.1950

Two international students stand next to President Edel.

Union Philosophical Society, 1912

The Union Philosophical Society outside Bosler Memorial Library in 1912.

President James H. Morgan ('78) is standing in the first row on the far left. 

Robert A. Waidner, 1995

Robert A. Waidner receives an Honorary Doctor of Finance at Commencement on May 21, 1995. President Fritschler is speaking at the podium.

WDCV, 1973

WDCV DJs on air with President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) in 1973.

WDCV Faculty advisor and philosophy professor Cyril Dwiggins is in the foreground, pointing at the console.


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