Various paper items from collection
1991 - 2003

This collection was donated anonymously by an individual associated with the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) of the Spirit in Harrisburg, PA.

The Newspapers Clippings series documents issues such as same–sex marriage, the relationship...

Lily White & Company Coloring Book and T-shirt
1996 - 1997, undated

Dr. Eric Selvey was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA. He attended optometry school in Philadelphia and returned to the Harrisburg area after graduating.

Selvey was a member of Lily White and Company drag troupe, which raised thousands of...

AIDSWalk T-shirts
2000 - 2001

This collection contains two AIDSWalk T-shirts from 2000 and 2001.

Transcript of Presidential Proclamation

This collection contains the Presidential Proclamation for Pride Month 2011 by Barack Obama.

Collection: LGBT-072 - Anonymous



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Allegro Bar Passes
circa 1980

This collection contains two bar passes to The Allegro Bar that was located in Baltimore, MD.

Dignity/Central PA program
1946, 1970 - 2017

John Barns was born in Perry County, PA. He graduated from Greenwood High School in 1960 and then joined the Pennsylvania National Guard during the Vietnam War, where he was in the armored tank division. After discharging from the military, Barns...

Gay Trivia Game
circa 1985, 1991

This collection contains a 1991 Gay and Lesbian Guide to Central PA from the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard of Harrisburg (GLSH) and a Gay Trivia Game. O’Leary also donated a run of The Advocate magazine, from 1985 – 1991, which is housed...

LGBT History Project Logo

This collection contains citizen correspondence requesting that the inclusion of “sexual orientation” in the City of York’s non-discrimination ordinance be put on the ballot for a public referendum. The correspondence dates from February 1993 and...

Daniel Klinepeter AIDS Memorial Quilt Piece
1993 - 1997

David Klinepeter was born April 26, 1926 in the Harrisburg, PA area. He married Gloria Klinepeter in 1949 and with whom he had four children. His youngest son, Daniel, was diagnosed with HIV and later died of AIDS-¬related complications in May of...

La Rose Rogue T-Shirt
circa 1978

This collection contains a t-shirt from La Rose Rogue, an LGBTQ+ bar in Harrisburg, PA. La Rose Rogue was the final LGBTQ+ bar iteration at the 400 North 2nd Street location in Harrisburg, opened in 1978 by John Koch, and was open until 1990.

Collection: LGBT-079 - Taylor



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March on Washington Poster

This collection contains a poster for the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, October 11, 1987.

Collection: LGBT-082 - Meiser



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LGBT History Project Logo
1991, 1993, 2018

Cindy Lou Mitzel was born in April 1942 in York County, PA. Growing up Mitzel knew that she felt attraction towards women, however she married a man after graduating from high school and they had three children. Mitzel has been involved in the...

Collection: LGBT-083 - Mitzel



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LGBT History Project Logo
circa 2018

This collection contains materials on Jess King, a gay-friendly candidate for the US Congress in Pennsylvania 11th District during the 2018 Congressional Election.

Collection: LGBT-087 - Royer



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