Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 15, 1968

The Agency for International Development held an interview with President Rubendall and Editor-in-Chief of the Dickinsonian David Totaro, during which Totaro was allowed to see the inside of the "White Building" next to South Campus. AID confirmed that the building was being used as a safe house for the Agency should a national security emergency occur. The Cultural Affairs committee is set to present the folk duo Ian and Sylva at the Gymnasium on Wednesday, March 20. Thomas Fornwalt will direct The Follies April presentation of "Kiss Me Kate". Donald Frame, a professor of French at Columbia University and an expert on Michel de Montaigne, is set to lecture on Montaigne April 4 under the auspices of Phi Beta Kappa's Visiting Scholar Program. A study of what President Johnson's decision to eliminate draft deferments for graduate students about the overall manpower problems in the Vietnam War was written by Raymond Jones. Drew Pearson spoke on Vietnam and Congressional ethics on March 7. George Allan, the head of the Academic Program Committee, expressed concern over lukewarm student response to the academic calendar revisions. Carol Litrides, Little Captain of Dickinson's Pershing Rifle Company, will compete for the title of National Sponsor of the Pershing Rifles. Hillel is set to celebrate Passover with an April 12 seder. The national Lobor Relation Board sent a letter to Professor Larry Warner, charging him with encouraging student participation in the Carlisle Tire and Rubber Company and encouraging anxiety and unrest. Joanne Harley will present her science project before the West Virginia Academy of Science. Tau Pi Chi will sponsor the tenor soloist Ralph Williams, performing at Memorial Hall in Old West on March 17. Dickinson hosts the first ever Dickinson Invitational for high school track teams, approved by the PIAA.