Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 16, 1939

Professor Wellman J. Warner is appointed to permanent position as sociology professor at Dickinson.  Leon M. Robinson, Bernard Kotulak, and Paul Gorsuch will go to the Ta Kappa Alpha district convention as delegates.  Dr. Paul Popenoe will discuss marital relations before the Dickinson College Religious Association.  The DCRA also campaigns for money to aid Chinese education.  Members of the cast for the Dramatic Club's "The Shining Hour" will speak in a radio interview in Harrisburg, and the same station is to review the play.  Dickinson will play host to the Intercollegiate Newspaper Association.   Rev. J. E. Skillington gives a tall called "Church Politics to the Theological Society.  Professor Mulford Stough says he thinks that Hitler can get away with a lot in Central Europe without outside interference.  The Junior Class elects Kenneth Tyson president.  The Greek Club discusses the stage production of Aristophanes' "The Birds."  Four delegates attend the Pennsylvania State College Debating Convention.  Swimming and basketball teams receive varsity letters.  50 men try out for baseball team.  Phi Kappa Sigma are in first place in the intramural handball tournament.  The tennis team comes together.  Harry N. Holmes, a proponent of universal peace, gives speech on America's place in the Pacific Ocean.  George Searight lectures on management of city government.  Henry Tojowski addresses Catholic Group on topic of divorce.  A stuffed Great Dane "guards" Joseph Priestley's burning glass in the College Museum.