Soccer (Women's)

Co-captains, 1987

Co-captains Aletha Rizzi and Melanie Tratnik of the 1987 women's soccer team.

Sledding, c.1992

Six students use a cafeteria tray for sledding.

Women's Club Soccer, 1980

The Women's Soccer Club in 1980.

Front Row (left to right): Kathy Kelly, Chad Atkinson, Sally Anderson, Ngaire Strack, Joe Ward

Second Row: Laura Dahl, Nancy Dalziel, Liz Magill, [unknown], Amy Blogett

Third Row: [unknown], Jeanne Abate, Tammy...

Women's Soccer Co-Captains, 1986

The women's soccer co-captains Dierdre James and Galen Howard in 1986.

Women's Soccer coaches, 1985

The 1985 soccer coaches, Albert Masland (right) and John Collins (left).

Women's Soccer game, 1986

Aletha Rizzi (#29) in a game against Penn State in 1986. 

Women's Soccer game, 1988

An action photo from a soccer game against Muhlenberg College in 1988.

Women's Soccer game, c.1990

Women's Soccer players congratulate each other after a game.

Women's Soccer game, 1994

Heather Ganley in an action shot in a game against Shenandoah University.

Women's Soccer Team, 1984

The first varsity year for women's soccer.

First Row (left to right): Patricia Quinn, Melanie Tratnik, Kristen Milroth (co-captain), Kathy Hullfish (co-captain), Elizabeth Kennedy, Jean Frost.

Second Row: Al Masland, Marilyn Millane, Galen Howard, Chrissy Olson,...

Women's Soccer Team, 1985

The 1985 Women's Soccer team.

Front Row (left to right): Karen Ruocco, Ingrid Barclay, Maureen O'Connor, Maggie Huckans (co-captain), Dierdre Jones (co-captain), Julie Karish, Chrissy Olson, Aletha Rizzi.

Second Row: Trish Quinn, Galen Howard, Tina Barton, Melanie...

Women's Soccer Team, 1986

The 1986 Women's Soccer team.

First Row (left to right): Kim Johndrow, Maureen O'Connor, Galen Howard, Dierdre James, Jamie McNeil, Julie Karish.

Second Row: Tina Barton, Lynn DeRoze, Aletha Rizzi, Chrissy Olsen, Meryl Katz, Amy Shook, Jen Hulford, Kate Stark, Kim...

Women's Soccer Team, 1987

The 1987 Women's Soccer team.

First Row (left to right): Cheryl Huskins, Christine Smith, Kate Stark, Jennifer Hulford, Stacy Laudermilch, Carolyn Myers

Second Row: Amy Shook, Rachel Keen, Sarah Nickerson, Melanie Trutnik, Stephanie Bartlett, Merrie Leonard, Shana...

Women's Soccer Team, 1988

The 1988 Women's Soccer team takes a team photo with Coach Al Masland.

First Row (left to right): Kate Stark, Maureen O'Connor, Michellle Wiragh, Jen Hulford. 

Second Row: Kendra Whiting, Theresa Stowski, Jessica Hyde, Merrie Leonard, Christine Smith,...

Women's Soccer Team, 1989

The 1989 Women's Soccer team.

Women's Soccer Team, c.1990

The Women's Soccer team poses for a group photo around 1990.

Women's Soccer Team, 1991

The 1991 Women's Soccer team with Coach Bob Lilley and Assistant Coach Mark Pulisic (far left).

Women's Soccer Team, 1992

The 1992 Women's Soccer team with Coach Bob Lilley.

Women's soccer team after a game, c.1985

The women's soccer team poses for a picture after playing a game.

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