James W. Carson, 1983

History professor James Carson, who has two wrist watches on his left wrist, reads a book in a room full of boxes in 1983.

Casual party, c.1984

Four friends smile at a party.

Cavemen costumes, c.1989

Three students in cavemen costumes pose for a photo.

Cavemen costumes, c.1989

A couple poses in cavemen costumes for Halloween.

Cavemen pose for photo, c.1986

Six male students pose dressed as cavemen.

Robert W. Cavenagh, Jr., c.1980

Robert Cavenagh, Jr., Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Instructional Media, circa 1980.

Cellist and Teacher, c.1980

A student cellist receives a note from a teacher during a performance around 1980.

Ceramics class, c.1980

Members of a ceramics class shape and fire pottery around 1980.

Ceremony on steps of Old West, c.1983

An honors ceremony takes place on the front steps of Old West. A member of Wheel and Chain is speaking at the podium.

Chamber Choir, 1980

The 1980-1981 Chamber Choir in 1980.

Back Row: Joan Ragno, Peggy Dozois, David Alterman, William Fisher.

Mid Cluster: Gregory Weaver, Beth Stoll, Linda Akers, [Mindy Braden?], Beth Stoll, Sue Polley.

Long Row: Professor Truman Bullard, Jonathan...

Chamber Choir, 1982

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir outside the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium during the 1981-1982 academic year.

Left to Right: Suzanne Polley, Victoria Young, Katherine Egan, Rennie de Peneloza, Roger Swartzwelder, Barbara Dobbs, David Alterman, Gregory Weaver, Mark...

Chamber Choir, 1983

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir in Rubendall Recital Hall during the 1982-1983 academic year.

Back Row, Left to Right: Brook Garrett, Michael Mansuy, Ralph Giordano, John McClarty, C. David Meister, Charles Beckley

Third Row: Gregory Weaver, Mary Beth Stoll,...

Chamber Choir, 1984

View of the Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1983-1984 academic year. 

Top Row, Left to Right: C. David Meister, Rebecca Martin, Andrew Muller

Second Row: William Fensterer, Sandra Steiner, Laurie Phillips, Carolyn Kidd, John McClarty


Chamber Choir, 1985

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir in Rubendall Recital Hall during the 1984-1985 academic year.

Front row: Laura Early, Agustin Fortuno, Julia Gascoyne, Douglas Goldman, Elizabeth Speier, Professor Truman Bullard, Jennifer Hutchinson, Paul Najjar, Carolyn Kidd

Second row:...

Chamber Choir, 1986

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir in Rubendall Recital Hall during the 1985-1986 academic year.

Front row: Richard Ted Power, Lori Fern, Brook Garrett Laura Early, Professor Truman Bullard, Elizabeth Speier, Conrad Lower, Chi Kim, Daniel Buchan, Amy Baehr.

Middle row...

Chamber Choir, 1987

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1986-1987 academic year.

Front: Sharon Schultheiss, Professor Truman Bullard (Director), Rebecca McDonald, Marc Persing.

Two: Daniel Woolley, JoAnne Haley, Chi Kim.

Three: Mark Sucoloski, Jennifer...

Chamber Choir, 1988

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1987-1988 academic year. 

Back Row: Gregory Weaver, David Pauley, Toddd Matha, Christopher Curry, Richard Ted Power, Christopher Leyon.

Third Row: Sharon Shultheiss, Deborah Smith, David Merskey, Elsa Riemer, Robert...

Chamber Choir, 1989

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1988-1989 academic year.

Top Row: P. Atsaves, L. Nelson, T. Matha, G. Marsh, T. McGlinn, R. Ted Power.

Third Row: F. Lyman, B. Stone, S. Bain, R. Moran, R. LaMantia, A. Knupp.

Second Row: C. Leyon, E....

Chamber Choir in Future Recital Hall, 1981

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir, directed by Professor Truman Bullard, performs in the construction site of the future recital hall, which had been the Alumni Gymnasium, in December 1981.

Charlie's Angels, c.1989

Three girls pose as Charlie's Angels.

Cheering from the Sidelines, 1983

The Dickinson women's basketball team cheers their teammates on from the sideline during a 1983 game.


Cheerleaders rally up some spirit during a football game at Biddle field in fall 1988.

Cheerleaders at Basketball game, 1983

The Cheerleading team performs at a basketball game in 1983.

Cheerleading team, 1985

The 1984-1985 Cheerleading team poses in uniform. The Kline Center is in the background.

Chefs, c.1989

Two students pose in a kitchen.


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