Chemistry lab, 1983

Phil Conrad, '85, (left) and another student perform a chemistry lab in spring 1983.

Tien-His Cheng, c.1980

Tien-His Cheng is a member of the Class of 1937.

Choir, 1989

View of the women's section of the college choir during an orchestra concert on October 16, 1989.

Christmas dinner at the HUB Dining Hall, c.1980

Students enjoy the annual Christmas dinner in the HUB Dining Hall around 1980.

Circle of friends, c.1984

A group of nine students smile.

Class in the May Morris Room, 1981

Students in a class held in the May Morris Room in May 1981. College Archivist Martha Slotten and Professor of Music Truman C. Bullard are standing under the portrait. The May Morris Room serves as the reading room for the and is located in the Boyd Lee Spahr Library

Class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall, c.1985

View of a class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall around 1985. This room is on the third floor of Denny Hall.

Class of 1900 Gateway, c. 1985

Panoramic view of the Class of 1900 Gateway from the mid 1980s.  This gateway is located at the corner of West High and North West Streets.

Class of 1906 Gateway, c.1985

Panoramic view of the Class of 1906 Gateway, which is located at the corner of High and College Streets.

Class of 1915 Gateway, c.1980

View of the Class of 1915 Gateway, with the President's House in the background, after a snowstorm around 1980.

Class of 1935 Gateway, c.1980

The Class of 1935 Gateway to the Alumni Gymnasium during the winter around 1980. This gateway, which is located on W. High Street, is directly opposite to the Class of 1902 Gateway.

Class on Academic Quad, c.1985

Panoramic view of a class sitting on the Academic Quad around 1985. Old West is in the background.

Class on the Academic Quad, c.1985

Panoramic view of a class sitting on the Academic Quad around 1985. Bosler Hall, Althouse Hall, and West College are in the background.

Classroom in Bosler Hall, c.1985

Panoramic view of a students in a classroom in Bosler Hall around 1985.

Climbing in a dorm, c.1989

A student smiles as he hangs from the bunk bed.

Close up, c.1982

A girl sports a smile for the camera.

Close up, c.1988

Two friends hug and smile.

Close up smile, c.1982

A blue-eyed girl smiles for the camera.

Closeup, c.1982

A student smiles for the camera.

Closeup, c.1989

Conrad "Chad" Lower and Amelia "Amy" Murillo pose in a silly fashion.

Co-captains, 1987

Co-captains Aletha Rizzi and Melanie Tratnik of the 1987 women's soccer team.

College Choir Messiah Sing-Along, 1986

Participants of the College Choir Messiah Sing-Along stand in Rubendall Recital Hall for a group picture in December 1986.

College Democrats with Joe Biden, 1989

The executive board of the College Democrats pose with guest speaker Joseph R. Biden, Jr., U.S. Senator from Delaware, on February 1, 1989.

Left to Right: Kurt A. Kissinger, Wyatt L. Little, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Todd D. Benz, Stephen F. Rehrer

Collegium Musicum concert, 1989

The Collegium Musicum performs in Memorial Hall on the evening of March 10, 1989.

Commencement, c.1980

View of the John Dickinson Campus during Commencement around 1980.


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