Alumni Gymnasium

Crowded Gymnasium, c.1940

A crowd of spectators gather for a men's basketball game between Dickinson and Bucknell University in the Alumni Gymnasium around 1940.

Gymnasium locker room, 1944

View of 32nd Army Air cadets in the gymnasium locker room in 1944.

Homecoming weekend, 1951

View as a crowd eats a meal inside the Alumni Gymnasium during Homecoming weekend in fall 1951.

Last Regular Season Game Played in the Alumni Gymnasium, 1980

The last men's basketball game of the 1979-1980 season, which was the last regular season game to be played in the Alumni Gymnasium before it was renovated as academic space. 

The caption "So Long, Old Buddy" adorns the photo as a remembrance.

Red Devil, c.1980

View of the Red Devil mascot logo on the floor of the Alumni Gymnasium around 1990.

Howard L. Rubendall, 1962

President Howard L. Rubendall speaks to a group in the Alumni Gymnasium in 1962.

Volleyball game, c.1975

View of a Volleyball game in the Alumni Gymnasium around 1975.

Volleyball Team, c.1940

The Volleyball team plays in the Alumni gymnasium around 1940.


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