West College (Old West)

Room #40 in West College, c.1895

Jay Wesley Awl (Class of 1893) and Robert Emmet McAlarney (Class of 1893) stand in dorm room #40 in West College around 1895.

Room #41 in West College, c.1890

View of dorm room #41 in West College around 1890.

Room #48 in West College, c.1890

View as Robert McAlarney (Class of 1893), Virgil Prettyman (Class of 1892), Cornelius Prettyman (Class of 1891), and Harry Stock (Class of 1891) play a card game in room #48 in West College around 1890.

President Rubendall, c.1970

View of President Howard Rubendall on the Academic quad with Old West in the background around 1970.

President  Rubendall, c.1975

President Howard L. Rubendall talks to several media outlets in Memorial Hall around 1975.

Shabbat service, c.1970

Students read at a Shabbat service in the Old West Durbin Oratory around 1970.

Steps of Old West, c.1993

Joe Fiorill and David A. Snider (right) sit on the steps of Old West and pretend to argue about literature.

Students on Old West, c.1910

View of three students, most likely freshmen, placing class rivalry posters on the top window and the cupola of Old West during the 1910-1911 academic year.

One of the posters, with '13 printed in the center, is visible next to the student standing by the window. To view...

Students With Mermaid Riding Bicycle, 1915

Photograph of students on the Old West cupola when a bicycle was attached to the mermaid. The bike was put there as a prank by freshman members of Alpha Chi Rho during the 1914-15 school year. According to a letter by Frank Masland, class of 1918 and one of the participants, the stolen bike...

Union Philosophical Society Hall, c.1895

View of the Union Philosophical Society Hall inside West College around 1895.

West College, c.1810

View of West College around 1810. Benjamin Henry Latrobe, the architect of West College, likely created this watercolor during travels to western Pennsylvania.

West College, 1811

This hand-colored engraving of the building that would later become known as West College accompanied an article about Dickinson College that appeared in March 1811 in a publication titled The Port Folio.

The text beneath the engraving reads: From a Sketch by A....

West College, c.1860

Students standing outside West College around 1860.

West College, 1870

View of West College from W. High Street in 1870.

West College, c.1875

View of the west side of West College around 1875. The steps to East College are visible in the background.

West College, c.1875

This artistic rendering of Old West, from an unidentified printed source, was created by a Thomas Jones Thurber. The depiction seems to reflect the mid-1870s, though the artwork itself appears to date from around 1900.

The caption reads: “OLD WEST” COLLEGE. Built in 1803, Reproduced from...

West College, 1878

View of the east side of Old West in 1878.

West College, c.1880

View of West College from the corner of W. High and West Streets, circa 1880. 

Three men stand along the path running between the street corner and the building.  At the left, the Pagoda is visible.

West College, c.1880

View of West College from across W. High Street, circa 1880.  The railroad tracks are visible running down High Street, and a man stands to the right of what would later be dedicated as the Class of 1902 gateway.

West College, c.1890

View of West College from the pathway leading from W. High Street, circa 1890.

West College and East College, c.1840

This reverse painting on glass shows West College and East College from W. High Street around 1840.

The painter as well as the date of creation are unknown.

West College in the snow, c.1890

View of West College after a snow fall around 1890.

Wintertime, c.1993

Pam Byron (left) and Katie Volkmer smile on campus on a snowy day. Old West is visible in the background. 

YMCA Hall, c.1900

View of the YMCA Hall inside West College around 1900.


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