Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, March 1, 1968

The Faculty are set to vote on calendar revisions, which many students oppose. W.H. Auden is slated to receive the Dickinson College Arts Award during a March 5th celebration. Some women helped police catch an intruder into Sellers Hall. The Mermaid Players production of "The Rivals" introduced novel set design. WIC introduced the "Non-Honor Code" to institute rules for all women not involved in the Honor Code. Dickinson is set to buy an original Pablo Picasso print. Prof. George Allan will deliver a sermon at the College Chapel. An effort to improve janitorial activities at Dickinson is being directed by Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Stanley Stiteler. 108 students attain Dean's List standing. Swimming beats Gettysburg and Franklin and Marshall to win the Little Three trophy. Wrestling loses, and basketball closes season with a loss.