Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 15, 1902

Football team refuses to play against Carlisle Indian School because the latter will not agree to shortened halves.  Dr. Hutchins replaces Ralph Hutchinson in department of Physiology and Hygiene and Physical Culture.  Office of The Dickinsonian moves from South College to the former Book Room of East College.  J. A. Standing becomes first Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds as well as a librarian.  Annual YMCA reception for incoming class is held.  Epworth League of Allison Memorial Methodist Church holds annual reception to Dickinson students.  Dr. Reed donates books to Dickinson library.  The faculty passes a rule requiring membership in a Literary Society for 3/4 a student's time at Dickinson in order to be eligible for various prizes, including the Pierson prize.  The Dickinsonian absorbs the functions of Dickinson Literary Monthly.  The Anthropology Department is founded under the directorship of J. E. Pilcher as a division of sociology.  Freshman-Sophomore scrap occurs.  Junior class elects its officers; James A. Betts is president.  Freshman class elects its officers; Robert A. Judy is president.  A list of fraternity initiates.  A list of new students, including the freshman class.  Ladies Hall undergoes renovations, including gaining electricity.  Mr. Stoat, '03, takes charge of boarding and culinary departments at the Ladies Hall.  Miss Stevens becomes head of Physical Culture for female students.  Trustee Alexander E. Patton is nominated to be a state senator.