Alumni seated on the steps of West College

Alumni from the Class of 1899 sit on the steps of West College.  Perhaps there is a future Dickinsonian seated in the lower right corner.

Alumni Weekend buffet table, 1970

Alumni go through an outdoor buffet line during Alumni Weekend in June 1970.

Alumni Weekend group photograph

Alumni from the Class of 1912, Class of 1913, and Class of 1914, during Alumni Weekend.

Standing L to R:  John V. McIntire, John C. Groome, Horace L. Jacobs, Jr., Charles C. Bramble.

Seated L to R:  Miriam A. Dum-Frey, Elizabeth M. Garner, Martha L. Johnson, Mrs....

Alumni Weekend picnic, 1970

A picnic takes place on the Academic Quad in front of Old West during Alumni Weekend in June 1970.

Alumni Weekend sign up, 1984

Herschel Shortlidge of the Class of 1934 signs up for Alumni Weekend activities in June 1984.

Alumni Weekend trio

Three members of the reunion committee from the Class of 1914 pose arm-in-arm for their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  Frank Y. Jaggers ; Mabel Krall-Burkholder (Chair of the committee) ; C. Edward Wagner

Sidney Bookbinder, c.1990

Sidney Bookbinder, a member of the Class of 1935, holds a " '35 is HERE!" sign during alumni weekend around 1990. 

Class of 1870 reunion, c.1910

Members of the Class of 1870 at a reunion around 1910.

Class of 1870 Reunion, 1900

The Class of 1870 take a group photograph at their 30th reunion in 1900.

Class of 1872 Reunion

Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1872 held in 1922.  Group of men sitting on steps of Old West. 

Front Center: David Jay Myers is seated in the front center

Class of 1872 Reunion

Group of men from the Class of 1872 standing on steps during 1922 reunion.

Class of 1874 Reunion, 1914

Eight members of the Class of 1874 at their 40th reunion with former Professor Charles Francis Himes ('55).

Class of 1878 Reunion on porch

View as eight men sit on a porch at the Class of 1878 Reunion in 1903.

Class of 1887 reunion, 1927

Members of the Class of 1887 at their 40th Reunion in 1927.

Left to Right:  William Blair Stewart, Samuel Eagle Forman, Daniel Bailey Brandt, Henry Dorsey Etchison, Eugene Chaney, Thomas Eyster Vale, William McAlister Smith, John Frederick Mohler, James Spencer Maddux, James...

Class of 1894 Reunion, 1919

The Class of 1894 holds their 25th reunion in 1919.

Front row from left to right:  William Willis Uttley and Albert Edward Piper 

Center row from left to right:  Frank MacDaniel, Raymond Hiram Wilson, Laura May Horn (Clarke), and Raphael Smead Hays

Class of 1896 after 25 years

Hats in hand, Class of 1896 during their 25th Reunion in 1921.

Class of 1896 reunion, 1921

The Class of 1896 on the steps of West College for their 25th Reunion in 1921.

Dr. Elmer E. Jones is at the bottom right.

Class of 1896 reunion, 1926

The Class of 1896 on the steps of West College for their 30th Reunion in 1926.

Top Row: Judson T. Strickler, Howison E. Hoover, Harry L. Price, Ellis E. McKelvey

Second Row: Merkel Landis, T. Ralph Jacobs,  James L. N. Channell, Charles S. Jacobs (Non-graduate),...

Class of 1903 reunion, 1923

The Class of 1903 on the steps of West College for their 20th Reunion in 1923.

Class of 1906 reunion, 1926

View of the Class of 1906 as they are photographed at the Gateway on the corner of High and College Streets.  These alumni are attending their class reunion in 1926. Bosler Hall is in the background.

Class of 1910 Fiftieth Reunion, 1960

Alumni from the Class of 1910 prepare for a banquet held at the Molly Pitcher Hotel during Alumni Weekend on June 3, 1960.

Front row L to R:  Mrs. Rawlins, Mrs. Pelgrift, Magdalene B. Leinbach-Leininger, Mary A. Robley-Vanneman, Harriet E. Sanderson-Poffenberger, A. Grace Filler...

Class of 1910 Sixtieth Reunion

Sixty years after graduating, the Class of 1910 pause for a photograph during Alumni Weekend in 1970.

L to R:  Henry Logan, Marjorie McIntire, Mrs. Ledden, Grace Filler, Earl Ledden, Lydia Gooding, Charles Kelbaugh.

Class of 1913 featured in The Dickinson Alumnus

Class of 1913 featured in the July, 1963, issue of The Dickinson Alumnus as they return for their Fiftieth Class Reunion.

Class of 1913 fifty years later

Fifty years since graduating, the Class of 1913 enjoy Alumni Weekend in 1963.

Class of 1915 Fiftieth Reunion

Gathered in front of Althouse, the Class of 1915 celebrate their Fiftieth Reunion during Alumni Weekend in 1965.


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