Dunkelberger, Tobias H.

Dinner at the Allenberry Inn, 1980

Dinner at the Allenberry Inn is enjoyed by alumni of the Class of 1930 at their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  Esther Dunkelberger, Harold Weigel, Dorothy Weigel, Bob Sheaffer, Mary Heckman, Walt Heckman, Toby Dunkelberger

Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1930, 1980

Allenberry is the venue for the Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1930 on May 17, 1980.

Sitting, left to right:  Miriam Horst-Middleton, Elinor Green-Spencer, Harriet Heim-Shepard, Eleanor Kent, Bessie Baker-Whitman, Betty Eckard-Robichaud, Beth Barger-Brown, Dorothy Gress-...

Fortieth Reunion of the Class of 1930

Forty years after leaving Dickinson, the Class of 1930 pause for a photo on the steps of Althouse.

Top row L to R:  Ed Hoberman, Ev Hallock, Toby Dunkelberger, Corny Scholl, Unknown, Bob Knupp, Bob Sheaffer, Bill Johns, Melvin Shields.

2nd row L to R:  Sam Witwer...

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