Rubendall, Howard Lane

Margaret Mead, Priestley Award, 1971

Margaret Mead receives the Priestley Award from President Rubendall on March 9, 1971.

William Vernon Middleton portrait, c.1965

President Howard L. Rubendall accepts the portrait of the late Bishop W. Vernon Middleton ('28) around 1965.

Mrs. Miriam Horst Middleton and Middleton's daughter, Patricia Jean Middleton, stand next to President Rubendall. 

George C. Pimentel, Priestley Award, 1972

President Howard Lane Rubendall presents George C. Pimentel (left) with the Priestley Award on March 30, 1972.

Walter Piston, Arts Award, 1966

Composer, conductor, and professor Walter Piston (left) receives the 1966 Arts Award.

Here Piston is pictured with Music Professor J. Forrest Posey, one of his former students from Harvard. Dickinson President Howard Rubendall '31 stands between the two professors.

Kenneth Pitzer, Priestley Award, 1963

Dr. Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer receives the Priestley Award on March 14, 1963. 

Second from left: Professor Horace Rogers.  Third from left: President Howard Rubendall ('31).

President Rubendall and Dr. Long at Commencement, 1971

Professor Howard Long presents President Howard Rubendall ('31) with a plaque at Commencement on May 23, 1971.

President Rubendall and Priscilla Laws at Convocation, 1973

President Howard Rubendall ('31) leads the procession of faculty at Convocation on September 4, 1973.  Physics Professor Priscilla Laws is behind the professor who is next to President Rubendall.

President Rubendall and Winfield Cook, c.1965

President Rubendall and trustee Winfield Cook at an event around 1965.

President Rubendall joins alumni from the Class of 1929

President Howard Rubendall mingles with the Class of 1929 at their Forty-fifth Reunion.

L to R:  Hester Cunningham, Betsy McCoy, President Rubendall ('31), Verna Long.

President Rubendall returns key to Metzger Trustees, 1963

View as President Howard Rubendall returns the key to Metzger Hall on May 16, 1963.

Left to Right: Financial Vice President George Shuman (class of 1937) ; E. Gardner Hays, President of the Metzger Estate Board of Trustees ; President Rubendall ; Priscilla Hinebauch (class of...

President Rubendall speaks at Commencement, 1962

President Howard Rubendall ('31) deliverers an addresses the Class of 1962 in front of Old West at Commencement on June 3, 1962.

President Rubendall with Honorary Degree Recipients, 1961

President Howard Rubendall '31 (far right) stands with several honorary degree recipients during Commencement on June 4, 1961.

President Rubendall with the Football Team Co-Captains, 1961

President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) stands with co-captains of the football team Durbin Wagner (left) and Maurice Field (right).

President Rubendall with the Mermaid, c.1970

View as President Howard Rubendall (Class of 1931) holds the Mermaid around 1970.

President Rubendall with the Sophisters, 1969

President Howard Rubendall ('31) stands with Gregory A. Staley, the Senior Sophister, Martha L. Purvis, the Junior Sophister, and Professor Paul Angiolillo outside of Old West during Convocation on September 9, 1969.

President's House, 1961

President Howard Rubendall, a member of the Class of 1931, and Carolyn Rubendall outside the President's House in fall 1961.

Project Africa, 1964

President Howard Rubendall ('31) sits with several individuals on December 10, 1964 who are involved with Project Africa.

Returning the Mermaid at Homecoming, 1969

A student talks to President Howard Rubendall in the Holland Union Building about returning the stolen mermaid during Homecoming weekend in November 1969.

Returning the Mermaid at Homecoming, 1969

Students return the stolen mermaid to President Rubendall at Homecoming in November 1969.

Elton P. Richards Jr., c.1970

View of Rev. Elton Phillips Richards Jr. (center) and President Howard Rubendall (right) at an event around 1970.

Richards is a member of the Class of 1954 while President Rubendall is Class of 1931.

Rubendall at Convocation, 1974

Howard Lane Rubendall speaks at Convocation on September 4, 1974.

Rubendall Retirement Concert Rehearsal, c.1975

View of the rehearsal for President Howard Rubendall's retirement concert around 1975.

Left to Right: Dr. Truman Bullard, Dr. Howard L. Rubendall, Carolyn Rubendall, Dr. Fred Petty, and Michael Haran (guest cellist)

President Rubendall with Students at Commencement, 1961

President Howard Rubendall speaks with several students at Commencement on June 4, 1961. 

Left to Right: Edward Phillips, President Howard Rubendall ('31), Stephan Marini, and Macy Potamkin

President Howard Rubendall at Commencement, 1964

President Howard Rubendall (right) walks up the steps of the Alumni Gymnasium at Commencement on June 7, 1964.

Howard L. Rubendall, c.1965

President Howard Rubendall, a member of the Class of 1931, and Carolyn Rubendall leave a house during winter.


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