Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, February 16, 1939

The Upsilon Circle of the Omicron Delta Kappa chose five new members to its regular meeting, and elected Christian V. Graf and Leon M. Robinson as the delegate and alternate delegate, respectively, to the national convention of the fraternity.  Dickinson alumn Governor Arthur H. James appointed a fellow Dickinsonian, Harry Miller Showalter, to a position in the Commonwealth administrative building.  The Greek Club meets to discuss work of German excavator Schliemann.  The Dramatic Club starts rehearsals for "The Shining Hour".  Max Brauer, former administrator in the German government and opponent of the Nazi party, speaks at the International Relations Club.  German Club shows "Das Hofkonzert," a German musical film.  Dr. Horace Rogers gives speech before the Mohler Scientific Club on "heavy water."  Intercollegiate debate season opens.  The Rev. Mr. John Wesley Elliot addresses the Young People's Fellowship.  UPS holds its first oratorical contest; The Jewish Student's Group begins its activities for the year.  Beatrice V. Sautter receives a fellowship to study in France for a year.  Basketball beats Bucknell, and is set to play Gettysburg away next week; a loss at Gettysburg would mean three straight seasons without a win on an opposing team's court.  Swimming loses to Lafayette, beats Gettysburg.  Phi Epsilon leads intramural basketball tables.  French Club to present a play.  Gov. Arthur H. James appoints Dr. Edgar S. Everhart to the position of Chief of the Division of Venereal Disease Control--both James and Everhart are Dickinson alumni.