Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, October 23, 1970

Pass/ fail options, freshmen grades, and general grading systems are discussed at an open hearing held by the Academic Standards Committee who are currently evaluating the grading system. An IPR subcommittee proposes to implement a college legislative body consisting of faculty, students, and administrators. Renovation of the Durbin Oratory is completed to make the chapel more appropriate for all worship and a re-dedication ceremony will follow. The college will open ATS for experimental use in February. The Susquehanna Ski Club invites interested college students to their trip to Mount Gabriel in Canada. WDCV held a panel discussion on the legal questions of drugs and drug use as they apply to Dickinson. Laws, regulations, and information on drug use are published. Detailed descriptions of Dickinson's Bologna, India Institute, Classics Institute, and Institute of European Studies study abroad programs are given. The college considers abolishing small houses for student residency due to upkeep. The Mermaid Players prepare to open their 21st season with Ostrovsky's "Enough Stupidity." The Rennie Museum will keep a slice of the sycamore tree formally in front of the music building so that the geology department can study tree rings to determine the climate conditions of Carlisle for the past 100 yrs. Corporate polluters hinder study and publication of their environmental damage any way possible. Students will measure the radioactivity escaping from the atomic energy plant TMI. A guide to the Selective Service System for lottery draw for the draft is published. Detailed instructions on registration, Conscientious objector status, service classifications, and service options are also published.