Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 20, 1905

The new school year begins with a large freshman class, and publication of the names of those who matriculated.  Physical Director, Professor Forrest E. Craver resigns and is replaced by John W. Williams, '04.  A list of the prizes awarded at the 1905 Commencement, both college and law school, is published.  The editors welcome the class of 1909 and introduce them to various organizations and publications of the college.  The library receives some additions.  Marriages of various alumni are announced.  The rules adopted and enforced by upperclassmen for underclassmen are published.  A list of the honorary degrees given at the 1905 Commencement is published.  The Freshmen beat the Sophomores in the annual class rush.  The athletic association elects officers.  The whereabouts and plans of the recently graduated class of 1905 are published.  The YMCA handbook is distributed, and its annual reception to welcome new students is held.  The Carlisle Indian Band gives a complimentary concert at the Indian School, in honor of the returning Dickinson students.  The Sophomore posters are put up, and subsequently torn down by the Freshman, with accompanying scrimmages.