Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 21, 1910

Doctor Reed gives year opening address.  German professor Dr. Prettyman to take a year off for study and travel.  Ladies of the class of 1913 host informal reception for the Sophomore men in Assembly Hall.  First meeting of Student Assembly held in Bosler Hall, addressed by Dr. Reed.  Plan to add subscription to The Dickinsonian to all students' bill proposed by President Clarkson and passed.  Sophomores successfully hang their poster, after a scrap with Freshmen.  Samuel Brown to temporarily replace Dr. Super in the department of French until the latter recovers from serious illness.  B. F. Schappelle to replace Dr. Prettyman during his  year away.  Prof. George A. Crider arrives to begins new department of Social Problems and Business Institutions.  Dr. Guy Shaddinger succeeds Dr. William Lindsay in the department of Chemistry.  Mr. Clarence Shenton, Mr. John Cleland, and Mr. Webster Blades join Conway Hall faculty.  Mr. Charles O'Brien becomes Conway Hall football coach.  YMCA hosts reception for the Freshmen.  Novel "flag scrap" a successful replacement for the rush, won by the Freshmen.

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