Brennan, Jerry

"Celebrating Us" Program (Dignity/Central PA) - June 4, 1983
June 4, 1983

Dinner program put together by Dignity/Central PA for a celebration of the organization.

Members of Dignity/Central PA with Speaker Quentin Crisp at 10th Anniversary Celebration - 1985

Members of Dignity/Central PA gathering in 1985 at the organization's 10th anniversary celebration, with invited speaker and entertainer Quentin Crisp. Left to right: Jerry Brennan (founder); Richard Hause; Quentin Crisp;William Clifford.

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Organizations: Dignity/Central PA

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"Proud of our Past...Preparing for the Future" Celebrating a Decade of Ministry (Dignity/Central PA) - July 20, 1985
July 1985

Program of 10 year anniversary celebration of Dignity/Central PA. The program summarizes the history of the organization, its services, supporters, and affiliations.

Welcome to the Tenth Anniversary Dinner and Celebration (Dignity/Central PA) - July 20, 1985
July 20,1985

Dignity/Central PA Tenth Anniversary Dinner Celebration event timeline with names of guest speakers.

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January 19, 2017

This is an interview with Steven Leshner of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He conveys his struggles of coming out in the 1970s and being a gay man in central PA through a series of anecdotes. Steven also talks extensively about his work at Dignity and...

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March 8, 2107

This is a story circle with Barry Loveland, Richard Hause, and Stephen Leshner discussing the life and work of Jerry Brennan. They begin with the discussion of Jerry’s childhood religion and his attendance of St. Bernard’s...


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