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Michael Kammen is to speak at College's celebration of the national bicentennial. Controversy between Phi Epsilon Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternities climax with three brothers of the former spreading excrement around the door of a brother of the latter. Plans for campus rathskeller are...

Dickinsonian Front Page

Three fraternities, Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Epsilon Pi volunteered to be relocated due to overenrollment at the College and state that it has not had a negative effect on fraternity life. The Student Senate Priorities Committee unanimously recommended that a student...

Dickinsonian Front Page

President Sam Banks proposes 'repositioning' and increasing tuition at "State of the College" address. Ben Bova to speak at PAS. Education included in Reagan's State of Union Address, Fire at Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity House, Exhibit of Ms. Toshiko Takaezu opens in new Trout Gallery in the Emil....


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