Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, April 29, 1922

Annual Tug-o'-War between Freshmen and Sophomores. The War Department requests that the college form a rifle club. The Greek Club will perform in Old West. Officers for all women organizations are chosen. Preparations for Alumni Day. Preparation for commencement activities. Dickinsonian Managerial Board elections. Belles Lettres Society and Law Club debate postponed. Professor Prince speaks at the Harrisburg Teachers' Association. Proposed Budget System was approved by student senate. John Hays will give a radio concert. Obituary for Miss Mary Dillon. Sophomore Oratorical Contest. Freshmen Oratorical Contest. Junior Oratorical Contest. Phi Mu formal. Pi Beta Phi meeting on Founders' Day. Chi Omega tea party. Skull and Key Society holds initiations. Phi Kappa Psi informal. Phi Delta Theta informal. Raven's Claw commencement banquet. Dean Meredith addresses the Student Volunteer Band in Bosler Hall.