Faculty Procession at Commencement, 1961

View of the Faculty procession at Commencement on June 4, 1961. The Commencement exercises are held in the Alumni Gymnasium in 1961.

Richard P. P. Fairall, c.1960

Richard Paul Pusey Fairall is a member of the Class of 1951.

Frederick P. Ferre, c.1965

A smiling Frederick Ferre, Professor of Philosophy, circa 1965.

Field Hockey game, c.1965

The field hockey team in action in fall 1965. 

Field Hockey game, c.1965

The field hockey team takes a photo before a game in around 1965.

Field Hockey Team, 1961

The field hockey team in 1961.

Filed Hockey Team, 1962

The 1962 field hockey team poses for a group photo.

Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1910, 1960

Fifty years after graduating, the Class of 1910 pause for a photograph before going to the Alumni Dinner held Sunday, June 5, 1960.

Standing L to R:  Charles H. Rawlins, Jr., W. Earl Ledden, Walter V. Edwards, William McIndoe, Henry Logan, Charles H. Kelbaugh.


Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1912

Class of 1912 join for a photograph at their Fiftieth Reunion during Alumni Weekend in 1962.

Fiftieth Reunion of the Class of 1918

Alumni from the Class of 1918 gather at King's Gap Mansion for their Fiftieth Reunion.

Back row fifth from left:  Frank Elmer Masland, Jr.

Fifty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1908, 1963

Alumni from the Class of 1908 share a moment with President Howard Rubendall ('31)  at their Fifty-fifth Reunion in June 1963.

L to R:  [unknown], John Shilling, Annie R. O'Brien, Laura Dix-Shilling, Howard Lane Rubendall

Filler Hall, c.1960

View of Filler Hall around 1960.

Fink Hall, c.1960

View of Fink Hall around 1960. This house was located at 333 W. High Street.

Donald W. Flaherty, 1969

Political Science professor Donald Flaherty playing with his dog on October 20, 1969.

Follies, "Where Do We Go from Here," 1964

The 1964 Follies production Where Do We Go from Here parodies the Jules Pfeiffer play in a satire about life at Dickinson.

Football in the Snow, 1963

Dickinson's football team is captured in this live action shot playing during a snowstorm in 1963.

Football Team, 1960

The 1960 football team poses for a group shot.

First row: Jan P. Skladany, Robert L. McNutt, Thomas L. Bauer, Roger M. Smith, Allan L. Fluke, John J. Quirk, J. Michael Morrissey

Second row: Joseph F. Lipinski (Jr.), Maurice B. "Barney" Field, Robert S. Harlowe,...

Football Team, 1961

The 1961 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Christopher S. "Kip" Howell, Harry B. Packard, J. David Morrissey, Durbin L. Wagner (Co-Captain), Maurice B. "Barney" Field, Robert S. Harlowe, Joseph F. Lipinski (Jr.), John C. Thomas, Millard R. "Sonny" Shoff


Football Team, 1962

The football team of 1962 poses for a picture.

First row: Harry B. Packard, Peter B. Zuyus, Richard M. Warden, Thomas M. Jacks, Reno F. DiOrio (Captain), Louis R. Mazzie, L. Alan Creps, Walter S. Buckley, Millard R. "Sonny" Shoff

Second row: David W. Waight,...

Football Team, 1963

Members of the 1963 football team pose for a picture.  This team saw their last game of the season against Drexel cancelled due to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

First row: William R. Mervine, Peter B. Zuyus, Henry H. Spire, Bruce W. Stair, William M. Smith (...

Football Team, 1964

The 1964 football team poses for a picture.

First row: David J. Sterner, John W. Ritchie (Jr.), John A. Bierly, Wayne F. Rickert, Joel I. Rome, Harold J. "Harry" Harris, Lawrence E. Synder (Captain), John F. Rhody (Jr.),  Dean J. Kilpatrick, Peter G. Stanley, Ernest E. Jones, J....

Football Team, 1965

The 1965 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Robert S. Averback, John M. Tassie (Jr.), J. Dallas Winslow, John W. Ritchie (Jr.), John F. Rhody (Jr.) (Co-Captain), Joel I. Rome (Co-Captain), John A. Bierly, Ernest E. Jones, Dean J. Kilpatrick, W.J. Gobrecht (Head Coach...

Football Team, 1966

The football team of 1966 poses for a picture.

First row: W.J. Gobrecht (Head Coach), Timothy M. Comstock, Charles W. Ehrlich, James R. Morrisey, G. Richard Katzenbach, Richard Lipinski, R. Thomas Phillips (Co-Captain), Dennis L. Wachter (Co-Captain), James L. Broughal, Joseph P...

Football Team, 1967

Members of the 1967 football team pose for a picture.

First row: Roger M. Cook, Jeffrey L. Snook, William L. Traficanti, Andrew M. Bogdanoff, Earl L. Schorpp, Richard P. Mohlere (Jr.) (Co-Captain), Stephen J. Overcash (Co-Captain), Ronald E. Vican, Robert B. Jefferson, C. Ryan...

Football Team, 1968

The football team of 1968 poses for this team picture.

First row: Jay C. Wagenseller, Robert S. Long, F. Philip Baughman, Mark D. Birdsall, Jeffrey L. Snook (Co-Captain), Roger M. Cook (Co-Captain), Gregory B. Abeln, Scott R. Sanders, Charles H. Gifford, W. Michael Babb, Gregory...


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