Inauguration of Howard Rubendall, 1961

View of an event held to celebrate President Howard Rubendall's (Class of 1931) inauguration in 1961.

Left to Right: Gilbert Malcolm, Carolyn Rubendall, Dr. Rubendall, Isabel Nelson, Roger Nelson, Mary Louise Shuman, and George Shuman

Inauguration of Howard Rubendall, 1961

View as trustee George Shuman and former President Gilbert Malcom help President Howard Rubendall during his inauguration on October 28, 1961. The inauguration ceremony is in Allison Memorial Methodist Church.

Left to Right: Trustee Boyd Lee Spahr ; George Shuman ; Dr. Rubendall...

International student with Glover Award recipient, 1967

Glover Award recipient Dr. Peter G. Bergmann (center) talks with an international student and Physics Professor Henry Yeagley.

International students, c.1960

A group of international students sit on steps together.

International students, 1962

A group of international students on November 20, 1962

International students attend UN Day, 1964

Several international students attend the United Nations Day observance ceremonies at the Carlisle Barracks on October 22, 1964. The events include an awards presentation on the Old Parade ground and a social hour at the Officers Mess. The students attend as guests of Major General Eugene A....

International students study, 1961

Ann Conser, Chu Chun, II (Korea), Chiranjivi Thapa (Nepal), Seri Sukhabut (Thailand) study together in the Bosler library on December 12, 1961.

Frank Charles Irvin, c.1960

Frank Charles Irvin is a member of the Class of 1955.

Jackson House, 1961

View of the Jackson House in 1961. This building was located at 42 N. College Street.

Robert Lee Jacobs, 1965

Robert Lee Jacobs, a member of the Class of 1932, in May 1965.

James W. Bosler Library entrance, c.1960

View of the main entrance to the James W. Bosler Library in Bosler Hall around 1960.

Barbara Phyllis James, c.1960

Barbara Phyllis James is a member of the Class of 1957.

Benjamin David James, c.1960

Psychology and Education Professor Benjamin David James is a member of the Class of 1934.

Thomas R. Jeffrey, c.1960

Thomas R. Jeffrey is a member of the Class of 1916.

Dianna Lanham Jennings, c.1960

Dianna Lanham Jennings is a member of the Class of 1954.

Kappa Sigma house, 1963

A pencil drawing of the Kappa Sigma fraternity house in 1963. Allan H. Frey (Class of 1965) is the artist.

Robert Edward Keenan, 1960

Robert Edward Keenan is a member of the Class of 1946.

Carl E. Kerr, 1962

Mathematics professor Carl Kerr on January 17, 1962.

W. Wright Kirk, 1962

Wright Kirk, Professor of Modern Languages, on January 17, 1962.

Kisner-Woodward Hall construction, 1969

View of Kisner-Woodward Hall under construction in February 1969.

Hesung Chun Koh, c.1960

View of Dr. Hesung Chun Kon's family around 1960. She is a member of the Class of 1951.

Jane Kohhaus, 1968

Jane Kohhaus, 1968 Homecoming Queen, models Zatae Longsdorff's dress on the stairs in Spahr Library. Longsdorff, a member of the Class of 1887, was first female graduate of the College.

May Lou Platt Kookogey, c.1960

Mary Lou Platt Kookogey is a member of the Class of 1958.

Roy Raymond Kuebler, 1963

Alumni trustee Dr. Roy Raymond Kuebler, a member of the Class of 1933, speaks at an event in June 1963.

James M. Kyte Jr., c.1965

James Matheson Kyte Jr. is a member of the Class of 1950.


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