Coaching During Football Practice, c.1935

A coach instructs players during a football practice around 1935.

Forrest Eugene Craver, c.1920

Dickinson Coach and Professor Forrest Eugene Craver is a member of the Class of 1899.

Forrest Eugene Craver, c.1935

Dickinson Coach and Greek Professor Forrest Eugene Craver is a member of the Class of 1899.

Forrest Eugene Craver, c.1945

Dickinson Coach and Professor Forrest Eugene Craver is a member of the Class of 1899.

Cross Country meet, 1990

Runners start a cross country meet in 1990.

"D" Club charter members, 1934

Charter members of the "D" Club for Dickinson athletes gather for a photograph on the steps of the Alumni Gymnasium in 1934.

Sue A. Daggett, 1985

Sue Daggett, Professor of Physical Education and volleyball coach, in 1985.

Sue A. Daggett, 1986

Physical Education professor and volleyball coach Sue Daggett in 1986.

Don Nichter coaching cross country, 1995

Coach Don Nichter advises the women's cross country team at a meet on September 26, 1995.

Joseph G. DuCharme, c.1960

Professor of Physical Education Joseph DuCharme merrily leaps over a horse jump, circa 1960.

Joseph G. DuCharme, c.1975

Joseph DuCharme, Professor of Physical Education, around 1975.

Field Hockey game, c.1990

The coach directs her players during a game around 1990.

Field Hockey Team, 1961

The field hockey team in 1961.

Filed Hockey Team, 1962

The 1962 field hockey team poses for a group photo.

Field Hockey Team, c.1985

The Field Hockey team sits for a group photo.

Row 1: Stacey Wittmeyer, Kristyn Lortz, Lynn Kiesel

Row 2: Kristen Lorelli, Kathleen DeSchamp, Denise Stockwell, Megan Thomas, Carolyn Meno, Sally Flynn, Karen Paton, Sonya Church

Row 3: Coach Carol Cox...

Field Hockey Team, 1988

The Field Hockey team takes a team photo with Coach Eileen Sharp in 1988.

Field Hockey Team, c.1990

The team gets creative with their pose for their  team photo.

Field Hockey Team c.1990

The team shows some school spirit with their "Go Red Devil" Field Hockey banner.

First Football Team, 1897

The football team poses with Dick the Dog in 1897.

First row: Arthur M. Devall, Garrett B. Stevens, John Farr Boate, Lewis Peter Wingert, David Neil Houston, Raymond Newman Hockenberry, Charles Oscar Ford, Harry Cornman Lowther, J. Banks...

Leon R. Fitts, c.1975

Classics professor and defensive line coach Leon Fitts, circa 1975.

Football Coach Staff, 1973

The Dickinson College Football Coaching Staff of 1973 poses for a picture.

Front row: Harold Price (Offensive Back), Robert Averback (Defensive Back), Leon Fitts (Defensive Line)

Back row: Wilbur J. Gobrecht (Head Coach), Thomas Yost (Defensive Back), Frank...

Football Huddle, 1986

A huddle of football players with Coach Dave Steckle in fall 1986.

Pat Wilson (Class of 1990) is #33.

Football Team, 1890

Members of the football team take a picture in 1890.

Football Team, 1892

Members of the football team pose for a photograph in 1892.

Football Team, Posed Picture, 1896

A posed photograph of the football squad, 1896.  The photograph is damaged.

Front Row: Thomas Marshall West, '99; Lewis Peter Wingert, '98; Irvin M Wertz, '99; Charles Oscar Ford (Capt.), '98; Edgar Rohrer Heckman, '97; Forrest Eugene Craver, '99; Thomas W. Troxell, '98; David...


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