Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, September 29, 1938

Rushing activities for women's fraternities end as freshman girls and fraternities hand in pledges to Pan-Hellenic Council.  Belles Lettres Society begins its 152nd year of existence at Dickinson with October meeting.  John Burton Nicholson, Jr., accepts position as assistant librarian.  Mathematics Professor Frank Ayres, Jr., obtains a Ph.D. degree from the University of Chicago.  Howard A. Wiley, head of the Dickinson College Religious Association (D.C.R.A.), is set to lead the Young People's Fellowship in Memorial Hall, an event which seeks to familiarize students with the D.C.R.A.  Four new professors take their posts at Dickinson for the 1938-29 academic year:  Dr. W. Emory Hartman, Professor Wellman J. Warner, Whitfield Bell, and John Novack.  Alflred Romain and Robert Eggert, exchange students from Germany studying at Dickinson, offer a defense of Hitler's policy regarding the Sudetenland area in a recent interview.  President Corson addresses the college at the formal opening of the college on September 15.  Fraternities pledge 109 freshman, with Phi Kappa Psi garnering the most pledges at 18.  Freshman report for football practice.  You Can't Do That, a book by George Seldes, is reviewed by David Streger.  The Dramatic Club plans for September 21 performance of "The Bat," a play by Mary Roberts.  Three exchange students, two from Germany and one from Paris, arrive on campus. 

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