Smathers, Winfield

Football players after ECAC South Bowl win, 1988

Football players Bob Snarrs, Scott Schlett, Mike Birosak, Winfield Smathers, and Larry Barone (all members of the class of 1990) after defeating Fordham to win the ECAC South Bowl in 1988.

Football Team, 1988

The 1986 football team poses for a team photo.

First row: Scott Houldsworth, Richard Gilbert, Kevin Reynolds, Eric Payne, Michael Monoghan, Thomas Hutchinson, Peter Mayock, Kenneth Peterson

Second row: Lawrence DeMarco, Lawrence...

Football Team, 1987

The 1987 football team takes their team photograph.

First row: James Brian, Eric Riso, William Sticka, David Webster, Christopher Henwood, Steven Esmond, Jeffrey Monzo, Patrick Hehir, Joseph David Devivo

Second row: Kenneth...

Football Team, 1988

The 1988 Red Devil Football Team poses for a picture at Biddle field. 

First row: George Nocito, Joseph David Devivo, Ronald Duska, Eric Riso, Keith Wilson, Kenneth Bowman, Frank Antico, Patrick Hehir, Jeffrey Monzo

Second row:...

Football Team, 1989

The 1989 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Cosmas Lykos, Lawrence Barone, Patrick Wilson, Kevin Nathan, Ryan Balderston, Joseph Trainer, Scott Schlett, Gerald McLaughlin, James Arch, Chrisian Westcott, James Murray


Golf Team, 1988

The Dickinson golf team poses for a photograph amidst golf supplies in spring 1988.

Left to Right: Bill Nickey (assistant coach), Winfield Smathers, Paul Loehr, Chris Fiore, Steve Bussell, Dan Goodman, John Klesch, Glenn Whitman, Todd Kramer, John Brown (head coach)

Golf Team, 1989

The Dickinson golf team poses for a picture in spring 1989. 

Left to Right: John Brown (coach), Eric Fennel '92, Paul Loehr '89, Glenn Whitman '91, John Klesch '91, Winfield Smathers '90, Todd Kramer '90, Steve Lev '92, Steve Bussell '90, Kevin Boggs '91, Bill Nickey (assistant...

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