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Letter from John Durbin to Johnston Armstrong
March 9, 1833

John P. Durbin writes to Johnston Armstrong about the title on a property in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as plans an upcoming trip to Europe. "As it regards my [trip] to Europe," Durbin explains that he "shall not be able to go before next spring" because of "the condition of my family, the...

Location: I-SpahrB-1970-4

Subject: Health and Medicine, Land and Real Estate, Travel and Tourism

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1820-1839

Letter from William Wilkins to William Biddle
June 2, 1844

Secretary of War William Wilkins (Class of 1802) responds William Biddle's questions about bids for harbor improvements in Erie, Pennsylvania. Wilkins explains that this project is “under the care of the Topographical Bureau” and “many applications” had been submitted. As for who would win the...

Location: I-Friends-1983-22

Subject: Land and Real Estate, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from James Buchanan to A. Boyd Hamilton
January 2, 1850

James Buchanan writes A. Boyd Hamilton to discuss the details of a loan, Buchanan's decision to sell his house in Lancaster, and to criticize articles in the Pennsylvanian. "One great fault of the Pennsylvanian is its indiscriminate praise of individuals," as Buchanan notes. Transcript...

Letter from Richard Rush to the Corbin Family
August 2, 1854

Diplomat and politician Richard Rush writes to "the Messrs. Corbin of Virginia, Maryland, and their collaterals" to meet and investigate their claims to the Jennings Estate. Rush also recommends his son, Benjamin, as someone qualified to serve as a source of legal advice.

Location: I-Friends-1976-12

Subject: Land and Real Estate, Legal Affairs

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Broadside for Carlisle Springs
April 1855

A printed advertisement for Carlisle Springs, which announces June 10, 1855 as the opening date and lists prices for board and horse keeping.

Location: I-SellersC-1961-1

Subject: Carlisle and Cumberland County, Land and Real Estate, Travel and Tourism

Format: Broadsides and Posters

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from Jacob Thompson to John Leonard
May 9, 1859

United States Secretary of the Interior Jacob Thompson forwards a commission from President James Buchanan (Class of 1809) to John A. B. Leonard. The commission appoints Mr. Leonard as "Secretary to sign patents for lands."

Location: I-AsbellY-2002-63

Subject: Land and Real Estate, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from W. Armstrong to James Marshall
March 21, 1861

W. Armstrong writes to Professor James William Marshall (Class of 1848) about money collected from Daniel Hesey. Armstrong also refers to the "Smiths" and explains that he has "not proceeded against them" even though he has not received anything from them.

Location: I-Original-1861-1

Subject: Economics and Finance, Land and Real Estate

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letters from William Meredith to Eli Slifer

William Meredith writes sixteen letters to Eli Slifer, Secretary of the Commonwealth during the Civil War, in which he discusses bounty payments to soldiers, a potential bill for consolidating government-funded loans, purchasing the battle ground at Gettysburg for memorial purposes, as well as...


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