Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, May 3, 1968

The fourth annual Derby Day Steal sponsored by Sigma Chi kicked off Parents' weekend. Both East College and Bosler Hall had to put off renovation due to fund shortages. Tom Martin, president of the Student Senate, outlined the challenges that are to be faced by the student representative on a faculty committee. Suzanne Lail was elected president of the Women's Interdormitory Council. Dr. Alfred Levin and Dr. Stephen Coslett are proposing a speed reading class to the administration. A group of six geology students led by Professor H.W. Hanson will travel to Iceland to explore volcanic areas. Professor Larry Warner defended the large grant that the Cultural Affairs Committee, which he leads, received from the Student Senate. The next year's Public Affairs Symposium will deal with the concept of "dissent". Gabriel Berk recently donated a Torah to the college. Army officers arrived on campus to inspect Dickinson's ROTC program. The Mermaid Players opened their production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" the night before this publication. Pages Six and Seven were filled exclusively with pictures of flowers. New York Mayor John Lindsay and Oregan Senator Hatfield were nominated as President and Vice President at Dickinson's Mock Convention. Sixteen Dickinson students are set to go hear New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller talk about foreign policy. Li San-Pao will present his calligraphy work on May 5 and 6 at the Holland Union. Stephen Reed, a Dickinson freshman and future Mayor of Harrisburg, wants to run for a third term as the Pennsylvania-wide leader of the Young Democrats. Dr. Coslett discusses depression among college students. Track, golf, and women's tennis win, lacrosse and baseball lost, sigma chi and kappa sigma lead the IM softball league, and Men's tennis is set to host the MAC tennis tournament.