Big/Little event, 1991

View as Big/Little members celebrate Halloween at a costume party in early November 1991.

Biochemistry Lab

Two students consult over an experiment in a biochemistry lab in May 1995.

Biology fieldwork, 1991

Robin Turin '93 (right), under the guidance of Professor Janet Wright, uses a syringe on a woodchuck in April 1991.

Biology lab, 1990

A professor and two students discuss specimens in a biology lab in October 1990.

Biology lab

Professor Anthony Pires (left) supervises two students performing a biology lab in March 1996.

Birthday cake, c.1996

A student laughs as she prepares to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

John Bloom, 1995

American Studies professor John Bloom in 1995.

Blue Hats smile, c.1994

Two students in the Wheel and Chain Society smile with a friend.

Blue Hats tapping ceremony, c.1995

Members of Wheel & Chain, also known as the Blue Hats, prepare to tap new members in a ceremony on the steps of Old West.

Blue sky, c.1993

Three boys smile on a clear day.

Blue window shutters in Bologna, 1996

View of colorful window shutters and a balcony in Bologna in 1996.

Boat ride, c.1993

Two friends sit on the deck of a boat.

Left to Right: Tara Sapre (’93) ; Tara Hunt Melvin (’93)

Bologna program, 1997

Students Amy Miller, Ryan Sanders, and Peter Sanders (all class of 1998) meet Professor Clarissa Pagni in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy.

Book signing at Homecoming, 1996

Gina Ingoglia Weiner '61 signs one of her children's books during a benefit book signing at the College Bookstore during Homecoming weekend in fall 1996.

Sidney Bookbinder, c.1990

Sidney Bookbinder, a member of the Class of 1935, holds a " '35 is HERE!" sign during alumni weekend around 1990. 

Bookstore, 1993

View as a student browses in the Dickinson College bookstore on move-in day on August 27, 1993.

Marcello Borges, 1997

History professor Marcello Borges in 1997.

Kristen S. Borre, c.1990

Professor of Anthropology Kristen Borre around 1990.

Richard N. Boulton, 1992

View of Samuel N. Boulton in the May Morris reading room in Spahr Library during Alumni Weekend in 1992.

Boys at a formal, c.1994

Three boys dressed in formal attire pose for the camera.

Boys dressed as women, c.1995

Two boys pose while dressed as women. 

Boys play pool, c.1994

Four boys take a break from playing pool and pose for a picture with cues.

Boys smile at a bar, c.1994

Four boys pose for a picture while sharing a drink

Boys take a picture, c.1995

A group of boys stand together to take a picture. In the front row, most smile while those in back-row laugh as two of them kiss. 

Boys take a silly picture, c.1995

A group of boys take a silly picture with their shirts off.


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