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Sermon, undated (Box 1, folder 8)

William Van Bergen Tudor (1832-1916) graduated from Dickinson College in 1850 and earned a Doctor of Divinity degree from Centenary College in Louisiana in 1872. He served as a minister in the Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as well as in the St. Louis and Virginia...

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Biology notes, 1932 (Box 1, folder 2)

Eleanor T. Waugh Hanley (19??-1940) was the daughter of Karl Tinsley Waugh, who served as president of Dickinson College from 1932 to 1933. Hanley enrolled in the Dickinson class of 1935 and participated in numerous campus activities, although she did not graduate from Dickinson. Hanley died...

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Speech, 1837 (Box 1, folder 12)

The collection includes correspondence, speeches, essays, notebooks, bills, printed materials, and notes on debates and other such topics as the Light Street Institute and the Washington Temperance Society. The collection spans three main time periods in Zug's life: his enrollment at Dickinson...

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"Poem," by Horatio Collins King

Medal of Honor Recipient Horatio Collins King (Class of 1858) writes this "Poem" on the history of Dickinson College.

"A Forest Pool," by Esther Popel

Publisher: Washington, DC: Privately Printed

A selection of Esther Popel's poetry.

Location: DC 1919 S534fo

Subject: Literary Pursuits, Personal and Family Life

Format: Poetry and Lyrics

Time Period: 1920-1939

"Rain After a Vaudeville Show," by Stephen Vincent Benet
circa 1935

"Rain After a Vaudeville Show," a 30 line poem by Stephen Vincent Benet.

Location: I-Friends-1991-13

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Poetry and Lyrics

Time Period: 1920-1939

Letter from Marianne Moore to John Hunt
circa 1965

Poet Marianne Moore writes to editor John Hunt to "hazard a specimen or two;" she includes a variety of poetic fragments.

Location: I-AsbellY-2002-73

Subject: Literary Pursuits

Format: Letters/Correspondence, Poetry and Lyrics

Time Period: 1960-1979


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